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  • I had a friend that had the same exact avatar at one time. He might still be wearing it :D but I haven't checked in on him in a long while. And yes it is clever....maybe...too clever >_>;;
    Hmmm.. that's odd. Animated avatars aren't fool proof so that's understandable really. Usually has something to do with size, but I'm not really an expert at things like that ;B
    Well the site staff was being serious about nominations for new staff members, and I some how became one of the nominees along with a few others. It's odd really, either the rest of the staff took a shine to me because of my attitude or because of my sociability. To this day I'm not entirely sure but it sure as hell was a big surprise; I always wanted to become a mod but I never expected it to happen nor this fast.
    I'm glad you set up home base in a more suitable place :3 it's a mad house in the KH sections now; I mostly moderate there actually since that's where most of the trouble now a days arises from. Shame really, but it's all a part of the job.
    Somewhat. I do recall a time when I was a bit brooding and unsociable; that period was short however and eventually I came out of my shell. And I haven't been here that lat long nor have I really ventured outside of the KH sections, so I doubt you would have seen me v.v
    Well you have to start somewhere X3 and luckily you turned out ok.
    I changed very little compared to when I first came here, odd really, I was always kind of a smart ass :D! or at least I like to think I am.
    I think I have a MSN xD I really dont chat on the internet all that much.

    But I'm thinking it's Tha_masta08@hotmail.com
    that's what a MSN name looks like right?
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