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  • Dude, no worries, quite honestly. We can just pretend that we were carrying on with a conversation that began with my inquiry of your winter hiatus. Cool?

    Glad to know so, Winter's been a frigid siren so far nearer my woods, but the mornings after a freshly fallen coating of snow are increasingly spectacular. :)
    uh..thanks? I was hoping no one would comment on my signature, I'm really sensitive about that stuff.
    You know what your sig reminds me of? The Star Ocean 3 cover art:
    Just saying, but if talk about masturbation gets you to virtually vomit, I don't know what you're doing here.
    It's a scary place.
    *waves paw* no harm done and no need to apologize. Just giving you a friendly heads up :)
    I strongly advice you to find a smaller signature pic. There are capable people on these forums that are willing to help with that.
    Big pictures in signatures are a nuisance and will quickly get you on people's bad side.
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