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  • That request you posted in Surreal's shop, what series is that guy from? You know, the guy in this picture.
    You say that. You came back once before...and left me in like two days. It hurt man. Like...Third Hokage losing Orochimaru.
    I understand your position, speed included which is why I posted the way I did to begin with. Note how inside my post Akairo rigged Ryuga's legs with extra gravity so shunpo and speed manipulation would be painful.

    Its the little things in a battle that count...and more so add up unto defeat or victory eh??
    Can you explain to me how I posted as Akairo and spoke and attacked you but then you posted and disregarded everything in my post out of time as if it never happened??

    If anything I posted sometime before you meaning you should have followed my post with something logically tied to it. I don't care how you edit and dodge reflect or maim my hado spell but seriously...edit.

    I don't put work into my posts for them to be ignored...
    Honestly I have the basics for anything like that planned out but I'm not too concerned either way, whatever happens, happens. First I need Akairo approved and for Cort to post so Corbinek and Bryce can spar. Maybe we'll have a double battle and Akairo can spar with Ryuga too.

    Until then...we wait.
    mhmm, I wonder what will end up happening when Ryuga finds out Akairo is like an ultra vizard. He'll probably turn on her and try to kill her or something horrible along those lines.
    Mkayy, that works. I love some good ol competition between lieutenants. lol and Akairo hits on everybody, she's totally a pervert but that will go well with Ryuga. maybe their friendship will blossom unto love at some point.
    Lord knows Cort is going to take forever to post, but I'm rather patient.

    So I have two things on my mind; the first being what kind of relationship Ruya and akairo have/will have.

    The second being that you should request a set from me in SDD. its been quite some time since I made you anything.
    See That would work considering my character is very nonchalant. I was also thinking of having my captain have taught you bankai but, a rather incomplete form born from using something sentimental to you like how humans learn fullbring.
    Well i'm doing my character now. Imma post them up and then we'll talk unless you got MSN or Skype.
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