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  • To anyone that will see this... I created so many great memories being here on this site. I spent the majority of my time here back in the days of the KHI RPG Inferno. That place meant more to me than a just being a simple online game. I could find myself being on for hours at a time and I met some pretty damn great people there. At the start, it was just a bunch of random people interacting with each other, but overtime they proved to be much more than that. Even though it was short-lived, they were people that I grew to know and respect. The more I conversed with them, the more I actually considered them true friends. Thinking back, it wasn't the gaming aspect that made me want to log on, It was the incredible people that I got to know. Even if this comes across as strange to people, this just gives me a sense of closure for the great time I had on here. To the friends I made here, even if no one will ever see this, I want to say good luck to everyone with their lives and thank you for everything. I have no regrets.

    Sincerely, Hiroki~
    Aren't you heading to college soon? And Kingdom-Gaming where the majority of the last rpg members are there. Not to big, but we sit around and talk shit all day lol.
    Yeah im doing great, school and living on my own. You should stop by KG sometime and say hey to the others.
    I been good. You already know me lol. But yea the rpg is gonna be released again on the 16th and I hope to see you and Tosh and Anbu around.
    It toke me way too long to respond. Forgive me. But I am doing very good. Rather busy with school and problems in life but I wouldn't change it for the world.
    WTF? Yoooo Hiro Its been a while.How's everything? How's high school working out for ya?
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