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  • Yo. We gotta get some history down or something for our characters in Bleach. And maybe you should be my vice captain because I don't have one.
    Hmmm, I'm not sure. Make and send a template by PM describing your magic ability and attacks and I'll think it over once I examined it.
    What type of magic would that be considered into? Special-Ability Magic? And also what is the limitation to it? Cause remember I put in no magic to make someone undefeated and powerful.
    Well you don't have to if you don't to. I'm justing that we would need Dark Guild members later on so we could get the RP up.
    I was planning on making a Lightning Dragon Slayer yes. And you can be descriptive with your attacks too. But remember there are Dragon Slayers in the Dark Guilds too. But if you want to be a Dragon Slayer in Fairy Tail I'll be sure to reserve a spot for you. I just haven't gotten to making the templates for the Guild Master of Fairy Tail or the Dragon Slayer yet.
    KG? wanna gimme a little info on that? lol life is gettingso busy but i will come around eventually.
    looks like i won't be rping with you in endgame's rp. man this sucks. what did i do wrong.
    mE TO. I quite interested in Endgame's way of managing a rp. I can't wait to see what else he does.
    lol sorry stark should i edit my temp for the anbu. i didn't mean to sound like your character. lol i never notice.
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