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  • Me too.

    The reviewer didn't even bring the true background of the game, the music, the amigo characters except for Tails, etc. He just talked about the glitches, compared Sonic 2006 to FF (He even cut to FF12 to prove it has better graphics), and even said Sonic fantards.

    No matter how bad a fanbases is, never call them something as childish as retarded.
    Doing well, just finshed my Spring term and have to wait until late May to start my Summer term.

    Don't know when, but my Mom did promise to get my late birthday present (I turned 21 back on April 20th)
    Hey Sora, how's your day? Haven't got Graces yet, but when my mom gets paid and after she fixes this car of hers, I might get it. Or wait until July when I get my school money.
    I don't know what happened. One moment I was ugly, then I became attractive.

    HehE, thank you :3
    It's gotten easier since Silh disabled email verification. There's still some bugs, but since they keep everything hush-hush, I can't do anything but ask everyone to be patient until everything's fixed :c
    Don't worry about it. It's not your fault at all, so there's no need for an apology ;D

    Yeah, KHI has been really buggy. I'd offer an explanation, but I don't have any idea what's wrong. It's on a need to know basis apparently, which is really inconvenient seeing as how I'm answering all the emails from new members asking why they can't register.
    Hey Sora. Is Mr. Yippie that kid who got upset during the Jump Feiesta trailer thread and got into a agruement with some of us in said thread?

    And what's the problem with not having a Frollo boss? I think every fic writer has done that and several others Disney Villain bosses to death and back.
    Salutations my good sir/madame, how fares your existence on this fine realm designated to us by an omnipotent being?
    Exactly! It gives just enough time to get the money aside to purchase the system. :3 I'm super excited.
    I found an HQ scan after I sent you that. xD I think it'll come out around Fall 2012, just waiting for Aksys to give a release date but I thought you'd want to know. :3
    Hi! lol just trying to force myself to do hw. I am a horrible procrastinator xD
    XD work harder, man!

    Hmm yeah, some expansions would have been awesome. Mind you, I don't think there was much to work with without spoiling/taking away from XIII-2 too much. Mind you, there was all that extra content never added to the game... I would still have loved to see Lightning and Serah's house further than the "worst birthday" scene . The concepts for it are gorgeous.
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