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  • Yeah, that's pretty awesome. Pity it's something to presumably pay for in addition to the game itself, but hey, it's better than not getting it at all.

    Pfffff I do that every day XD
    Valkyria Chronicles, huh? Learning curve in that is pretty ridiculous apparently, but it still seems good.

    Ahh Haruhi <3 so kawaii
    Ooh awesome :D You have some good games there to play.

    Oh really? That would be awesome to see :3
    Haha, you should have seen Ethy, Seta and I run around like headless chickens last night trying to figure out what to do when the news came up xD It was so unexpected!
    Tell me about it. At least DDD, FFXIII-2, and the Moogle Army will keep me happy. BTW, can someone please tell XIII Heartless not to use the N word. As a African American myself, if it isn't Boondocks then that word shouldn't be allowed.
    :'( WAHHHHHHH! haha jk haha ughhhh why can't it be 31ST ALREADY! lol I just want me FF13-2
    haha I know that feeling, gotta catch them all FF13-2! XD

    Do you have aim or MSN messenger buddy?
    Well I was reading information on Gamefaqs, so probably not the best place to be reading lol. But I just love the fact that we get monsters in this game, I so want a Behamoth so bad!
    lol I agree, and I guess your strength only goes up to 600 now tops, which means you will be doing about 800 damage per hit.
    TBH this game is looking to be very promising, sadly you can't go over 10,000 hp in this game (not like you need to you).
    YEAH! heh, I had to cool off yesterday with everyone, I'm fine now :D oh my god 45 PEOPLE preodered 13-2 at my GS, I was like WOW!
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