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  • thanks, lol the hard part about winter... do you know how hard it is to piledrive an immortal in sunlight during negative two degree zero cloudy days?
    well I'll be starting pre-military college (which will boost my earnings when I hit military) in a few weeks, then after about 6 months I'll be hitting military.
    oh crap sorry for the no reply, Uh I kinda had some things planned on new years but things went fine the way they were, in fact way better lol we ateat this stake place that was vastly more expensive than we expected, I drank my first alcoholic beverage... well legal beverage XD, and then saw tron and had a nerd game out, it went pretty good, and yourself?

    Uh working on things and life, kind of nervous that I'll be starting down the military road, and a little fuzzled at how natural marksmanship came to me.
    Lol I know, but maybe the people in japan were like why are they putting extra crap in the english version?
    lol that won't be for a while XD until it;s done
    yeah iowa.

    nah lol I didn't, don't have the money yet.
    I actually plan on seeing what my other family is doing for christmas and then going to see what I can do with them for christmas.

    Lol don't tell me you also live midwestern?

    ever heard diamond eyes by shinedopwn? I'm planning on making an amv to that song.
    lol yeah then my niece started grabbing them for herself >.> I tell you she might be cute but three days worth of non stop attention from everyone demanding high pitched tiny kid voice will drive you nuts XD. The temperature was 20 degrees then negative ten then 10 then like 3 then 30 something whene everyone left lol.
    true lol I did have to choke the fact that my sister and my niece were devouring all of my freeze pops and I bought like a box of 150 the day before they got there lol and by the time they left the majority of the box was gone... three days later >.>
    lol the annoying part is you'll find your main character sucks spec wise then you reread the digital manual and find out... characters that are leveled as your main make better sub characters for support and the characters leveled as support chars are way better mains >.>

    it was pretty good, um half the family got snowed it because of a blizzard, my niece was sick and had fun intentionally coughing on me and annoying us all, she babbled non stop, never gave anyone a chance to talk, and got upset, never napped, my sister kept jacking her up on sugar and everytime we tried to punish my niece my sis would be all nice and sweet to her >.>. Um my sister started getting irritable, and kept repeatedly beating her fiance, I almost went nuts lol but thankfully I had fallout new vegas to play for a bit XD.
    yeah on amazon they found like a full warehouse of new in box dreamcasts goig for like 60-80 bucks, and it's Phantasy star Online episode 2.
    TYeah Cladun is really fun.
    and no problem lol the only other system I have currently is my dreamcast.. which I'm thinking of tossing and buying oneof the brand new ones from sega on amazon lol except my favorite game is unplayable at this time >.>
    Dirge of cerberus IS aweful if you only play the first few minutes, but after a bit you find it's actually pretty fun, both graphically amazing, and gameplay is pretty innovative. I just suggest it if your a Final FANtasy... fan XD. I heard X-2 was fun, but I never played it originally because well I was 13 and wasn't appealed to a cast of full females at the time lol... plus I had other bs going on in my life.

    I want to play okami big time. Now I'm thinking of getting into the disgaea series lol I played cladun, I own in now actually and it's really fun, I also love the humor.
    not really if you like final fantasy and you still have a ps2 I hope yopu've already touched Dirge of Cerberous... then again i liked it because I like darker things and I've been a vincent fanboy since age 7... ironically the same year I got FFVII on the release day. I liked FFX never played X-s, X introduced a few more of my modern favorites. Um if your a Wii owner and you like those kind of games where you build and custromize your own character and grind missions online with multiple players, I suggest Monster Hunter tri, for ps3, um I don't really have much for suggestions lol, FFVIII? or even Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce for the ps3, I'm not much of a ps3 person as I don't see why I would get that big into games on a system I have yet to own you know? Lol Castle crashers is pretty fun.
    The only games I have played on the ps3 are, Dynasty warriors 6, strikeforce, call of duty MW2, call of duty black ops, fat princess, FFVIII(like the opening) castle crashers, and haze, so I'm really out on that one.
    I already know which games I want, lol, a new monster Hunter freedom unite, (I miss the whole scale-wearing, dragon slaying experience), Definately Cladun, probably get into the disgaea series in disgaea 2, and possibly secret agent clank lol. Nothing is going to stop me from pre-ordering Patapon 3 at gamestop lol. I'm a psp only person atm, otherwise I'd be like updating my rune factory or even spore XD.

    Three more days until family christmas.
    Dunno yet lol it's between Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Neon Genesis, Code Geass, and a feww others XD
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