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  • Lol exactly and right now I got my eyes on the prize... I'm looking at this game cladun, and maybe my first full season of an anime.
    Lol not really, mines more of a hand me a money because I specifically will know what I want... when I want it, XD and I never really want more than one thing at a time (I geuss being narrow minded in some aspects pays off right? lol). Right now I actually want two things, one is a perfect grade japanese model kit, the other is this psp game Cladun.(I have pixel madness I still love clasically graphitized games lol)
    apparently lol but the real family gathering will start on december 11th. I found a new love... ClaDun: This is an RPG!
    pretty bland lol I slept the whole day then god really really dry turky that I almost choked on and it like dried out my throat when I swallowed it XD
    Lol Well obviously he has geass XD. BUt anyway yeah it's gettiong more and more interesting.... very slowly but surely.
    I thought it was pretty cool. Not gonna lie now the lelouch-lookin guy has my attention, I wondeer if he's a ancester or Lelouches former life.
    lol that really depends on how you set up and improve you characters but anyway, I hope they make an rpg or bring in scythes into the current mmo's.
    I'm sorryfor your loss lol. BUt yeahthey're alright, but they're a pc-original title, so obviously, they're morre fun on a computer, but if your going for something with storyline and an actual kind of ending, then go for the handheld and system versions of sims 2, dunno much about the upcoming sioms 3 release on all systems lol. If your not interested at all then ignore this top part lol.

    But lately I've been in this killer creative mood, like my mind won't stop working for a little bit lol, kind of annoying but fun.
    Well it's a videogame series thats out of the limelight, like not many know about it, the first one is where an AI becomes aware and seeks to be mroe than a repeated battle program, the second whic I'm currently playing is play-style identical, but I heard it was based on the Divine Comedy, which is supported by the fact that the main terminal has 8 levels before the final level. You basically start out bare like normal human looking, kinda tron-ish(which is funny because the blue color scheme is exactly matching to trons). BUt as you fight other AI trappped in this endless cycle of battle, you gain more of their parts and power, and you slowly change as your intigrate their parts onto your characters body, and continue to fight your way up. So far I have come accross Envie, and I believe sloth.
    Yeah, now I'm trying to figure out where to take Alucard next in symphony of the night, it's starting to feel like this repetitive process of wandering aimlessly in circles with no place to go lol.
    I'm trying to get my old att phone unlocked so I can use it for my new company, i hope they don't tell me to pay or something grr. But anyway lifes been improving on my end. New friends, a possible girl in my life, um a new cell, crappy phone, but communication is communication right?
    Well I got it, a lot of it, I fo-ught orga dyran 10 times now, the big problem being is I haven't gotten the weapon from him that I want, Dyran slayer, I've gotten his spear, I've gotten a great katanan that powers-up after 2000 kills, butr no dyran slayer lol, kinda blows.

    Somehow I am still expecting ichigo to get his power back, like his father did, although I wa hoping for a turn back the pendulum arc to show what isshin did, or see how ichigos little sis would fare as a shinigoma.
    UH idk lol, I liked the new chapter of bleach XD.

    Yeah it IS hard to get, the only way to really improve you chances is to turn your psp onto wireless multiplay so the bonus missions appear with him in it lol.

    Uh idk really I'm not much for a talkative mood today lol.
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