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  • yeah... now I'm hoping I can last this new chapter of bleach, I was actually kinda sad for ichigo in the last chapter they printed abotu 2 weeks ago.

    Lol in other news I hit a bonus boss that has a 2 opercent chance of appearing... 4 times in a row lol, I was like omg omg omg, FINALLY, but ti didn't drop the weapons I was after so I just ogtta keep on pushin.
    that would be awesome, I hope it's the mech fighter with outstandin ps2 graphics I remember.... upgraded so it has outstanding ps3 graphics.
    I was like super hooked after my first hour, I wouldn't sleep the whole weekend while playing it lol.
    Yeah in fact ZoE was my first PS2 game AND it's what got me further hooked on mechas outside of armored core lol.
    yeah, it's got me addicted, like if it were a real profession to build a dungeon using a spellbook to place your desired rooms and corridors, then use the book to make them the type of halllway and room your want, and then wait for monsters to enter, clean it out, repeat, continue, sell the goods you find, I would probably do it for a living lol.
    Never really played the super robot series, I did used to play the zoids series heavily lol.Dungeon maker is alright, BUT Dungeon Maker 2 brings a lot of life into a game with a decent idea, but could have been way more, and Dungeon maker 2 IS the way more it needed, which is made so not only do you have normal dungeon things, but rooms and items, perfect for multiplayer if you ever get a friend sucked in lol. PLus now the armor you find and equip is visable on your character, where as in the last one you could have gold armor and your character would still be in a red leather lookin armor.
    Well this time the game was Dungeon Maker 2, which is already vastly better than the original, and my current games are like phantasy star portable 2, the aftrer the story part of dungeon maker, KH BBS secret video, and Dissidia lol, my niece tries to spam fat princess everytime she comes over on my psp so i have to like hide it and play with her lol.

    yeah that too, like a chess-style game except not on a chess bored and more spaces and whatnot, like this group moves here q-1 moves here etc and you slowly work on the field of battle, like this one game I played on ps2, but I got tired of it since I was action-thick in my younger years and it was more of a mech boredgame with fighting, rpg style command fights, and occasionaly part finding to upgrade your weapons, armr, and overall specs.
    But still... whose the ninja-tized lelouch XD. And whats with the curse lol.

    Anyway I got 2 new games at the same time, while I'm trying to pound away at dissidia and forget they exist lol.

    You know.... I hope they make a good Geass action rpg someday, like KH style, but not the cutsie happy crap, just the same kind of leveling system none of that "battle engaged" crap crisis core had. Like renya looks like it'd be a great action rpg, the original looks like playing in an upgradeable/modifyable knightmare frame would be seriously fun.
    then again the robots have the term frame afterwards so maybe they were made to be like the robotic embodiments of everything the original knightmares embodied.
    I do think its funny that these beings are called knightmares, and apparently the story is canon and runs on the same timeline as Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion, when latern in lelouchs time the definition of knightmare has definately changed.
    yes it did lol, I wonder if we'llever see fully cursed renya that will be awesome looking... I hope anyway lol
    Not as fast as I was hoping for honestly lol. It was interesting but the long drawn out fight made me kinda bored since all this side stuff was happening just to have it end with a knightmare attack.
    I dunno yet I have to drop about 60 pounds and be able to run for about 20 more minutes straight, i can run a mile in 8 minutes but it's not distance they want, they want pure stamina to run paced for longer lol.
    I was bornnin Iowa, I've gone between Iowa and washington my entire life. But that was the last time I'll ever live in that wretched state, too many bad memories on top of great ones to make it worth a revisit.

    Now I'm back in Iowa with my family, no friends though... but I guess it's better that way since I'm heading to the Military, if you wanna change the world you have to start somewhere right?
    Oh well I hadn't made the trip at the time, now I'm in Iowa my homeland... but not my home... I know confusing but simple.
    Yeah I know he didn't get a contract, but suddenly he's aware he can toss his arm away and possibly kill everyone and I was like wtf? suddenly he knows half of it already?
    I went to Mangastream and mangafox and another manga site that shut itself down. I think it's pretty awesome, except I wonder what was up with the lelouch-lookin-ninja that CC saw when she tried to give renya a contract, as well as what the curse is. Or how renya knew his arm would regenerate when he attacked the one guy. But so far... bad...asss is the best way to describe it.
    Alrighty I guess I'm going to pound away at this on my bus trip or before I leave in... 4 and a half hours to catch a bus at 8, currently it's 1 am pst. Thanks. Hmm looks intersting is that a lelouch cyber-gauntlet on the first page?
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