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  • I've been good for the most part, just working on my graphics and having a lot of fun. Rping has gotten a bit better as we've all been working to improve the section even if only a select few rpers are part of it. For now I am really into two specific rps. A Naruto one I made and and Digimon rp by King Sora X.

    That an since the rep system came back I want to return to my former massive rep glory.
    THAT'S WHY I'M AFRAID TO GET JIZZED ON. That's what it's like here, except one person faces away so it's kinda like doggy style with clothes on. I've heard too many stories of girls going to dances and getting jizzed on. Definitely not something that I EVER EVER EVER want to happen. That would be digusting, and I would probably go into a corner and die.

    Latin, so like salsa dancing? c: that's always fun
    I get what you mean. I only go to out-of-school dances like that when I am angry and need to let out steam. I'm always afraid that I'm going to get jizzed on though like ALL THE TIME. That's like the main downside for me, oh yeah, and drunk guys. They smell like shit, and thus can't dance for shit. They like stumble around, and you can just walk away without them even noticing. Fucking drunk guys.

    Haha this might be random but does your school make you learn any sort of other dance? like swing dancing?
    Really? Considering that you have a Y chromosome and testosterone (fuck I can't spell), I would've thought you would be all over that sort of thing.

    Maybe I'm just sterotyping.
    D: But it's Prom! PPPPPPRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMM....is that just not really your sort of thing?

    HEY, THAT'S WHAT I DO. Funny thing is, I'm still getting A's or B's in each of my classes even though I'm staying up until like 1 to do stuff :3
    Hahahahaha oh, whoops. I'm dumb. Did you get to go to Prom?

    You're also a smarter person then me. Sometimes. I am so unfocused though! I'll start studying and then I'll say, "Oh I think I should check out KHI for a second..." or, "Oh let me work on photoshop for just a moment..." and then I never go back to what I was doing.. :|
    I'm good, finals are coming up which sucks cause I need to study and I haven't. But yeah besides that it's been good.

    Have you alreacy gotten out of school?
    Salutations my good sir/madame, how fares your existence on this fine realm designated to us by an omnipotent being?
    Probably not your style little bro, but I sure as hell love this group and I wanted to share xD
    Gotta love pop culture.

    try hitting me up on the weekends (saturdays preferably), that's when I'll be at home the most.
    baha sure. sure thing cool dude

    god they were this last week
    Bahahaha sax man. that's an instrument for cool people, straight up.

    I'll have to listen to it later cause I'm supposed to be studying for finals right now :|
    I think I shall pm you now.

    Well my mother said it was a starter guitar because well...I just uh...started. Do you play any intruments?

    Ugh I need to look him up while I'm still obsessed with rap. Like I can't listen to anything else, I'm going to say that anything else ruins my mood haha
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