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    Why does Maleficient have Pete

    Re: why does maleficient have pete dude's hot
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    Why I'm Excited for Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix

    Re: Why I'm Excited for Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix Wasn't there an E3 trailer for it? If so it's extremely likely it'll get localized.
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    Help/Support ► First Date advice/tips

    Keep on that train, buddy. CHOOO. You are doing all of the right things it sounds like. Some tips, don't seem TOO eager. It can scare her. Second, be yourself fully. I know that line is generic and overused but it works. Be casual in conversation, don't be afraid to ask her about herself. When...
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    Sora does not recall any C/O memories, correct?

    Nah, Namine took care of dat. That was the tradeoff at the end of CoM if I remember correctly, remember only his time at Castle Oblivion or only remember everything else.
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    The World Ends With You Solo Remix Finally Returns to the App Store

    Re: The World Ends with You If there is a sequel I hope Joshua doesn't change at all. His 3D appearance was blargh
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    G4 Showed KH3D some love

    Re: G4 Show'd KH3D some love word good job for liking what i like but still fu ck em
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    Help/Support ► Just Friends

    try to tie it in with the current conversation too. don't just bring it up out of nowhere
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    Help/Support ► Just Friends

    don't just shove that thought down. just tell her that you kind of have a crush on her, it's not going make your relationship with her crumble immediately
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    KH3D went into the wrong direction

    holy shit lmao
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    Hashimoto and Shimomura at Japan Expo!

    No matter what it is, I can't help but love anything Nomura sketches up.
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    Are YOU getting KH3D?

    Forgot to say, but no I won't be buying. It looks great but it's purely financial for me. Just going to watch my buddy Cyberman playthrough it most likely.
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    Are YOU getting KH3D?

    im crying, i'm a freak
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    Are YOU getting KH3D?

    lay off em preordered my first game recently too
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    Help/Support ► tell me i'm not being unreasonable

    Yeah, you've said what you needed to say, multiple times infact, so your part is done. He just needs to fiddle around down their and find his pair so he can move on with his life.
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    Help/Support ► Sexuality questioning.

    Won't repeat what Sol said, but it happens to every guy.