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    No QTE for Kingdom Hearts 3

    Haven't been on this site for probably almost 2 years now, but here is the article from Playstation Universe(member of) Kingdom Hearts 3 won't have any QTEs I guess you can say it's confirmed possibly, but if necessary treat as a rumor if need be.
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    Game of the Decade

    Okay I didn't know this until today didn't really care either, but VGA celebrated their 10th year anniversary and they had Game of the Decade as the winner. VGA 2012: Game of the Decade announced -- PlayStation Universe here is the article from PSU.com My question right now for you guys what...
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    NCAA Brings the Hammer down on Penn St.

    Penn State Nittany Lions hit with $60 million fine, 4-year bowl ban, wins dating to 1998 - ESPN Article from ESPN I don't know is this was posted already, but I thought people might like to know. What are your thoughts? For anyone wanting to know without reading the articles the penalties...
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    No Child Left Behind to be discontinued(Yeah that one).

    Georgia to get No Child Left Behind waiver  | ajc.com Honestly I was hoping this would happen, but alas I'm already in college so it doesn't effect me at least to my knowledge. Hopefully this wasn't posted before if it is then I'll close it.
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    SEC Championship LSU vs. Georgia

    Hey to all my fellow sports fans(football) was wondering who's excited and what are your thoughts for the upcoming match up at the Georgia Dome. Should add that this game has a lot riding on it too. If Georgia wins they won't get in the NCG, but it would leave people wondering who would play at...
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    Michael Vick Indicted for Dogfighting

    You all have heard it most likely, but I wanted to know your opinons on this. NFL star indicted over dog fighting - CNN.com Here is the Story about it on CNN.com. I'll put my 2 cents in a bit. I don't like it cause I feel like they pick on him too much.
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    Micheal Vick Indicted for Dogfighting

    You all have heard it most likely, but I wanted to know your opinons on this. Don't pay attention to this thread messed up.
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    Rumor: 40GB PS3 for $399 and FFXIII delayed till 08

    Rumors: 40GB PS3 for $399, Final Fantasy XIII delayed I don't know, I like the idea of a price drop to $399 so more people can afford it, but 40GB just isn't enogh.
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    Brand New GTA4 Gameplay Info

    This comes from Gta4.net here's the link Grand Theft Auto IV - News: Official Facts, Rumors, Ideas I got it off the site, but here's what it says Some more little tid bits from GTA San Andreas.com Another bit from GTA4.net
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    Newer Cartoons vs. The Old Cartoons

    Well I'm just asking for an opinon of which one was better. I'll put mine up later on.
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    The Chipmunk Adventure

    I just want your personal opinons about the movie. Like have you ever seen it or, Did you like/hate it. Anything like that.
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    What was your favorite Need for speed Game

    like the title said and also why was it your favorite I said NFS three because it introduced the cop chases which were the best to me I'll never forget the Black Corvette and Gold Lambo
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    GTA San Andreas Sued again

    I know there already are a ton of threads on this game but that's really not what this thread is about I just went to EGM or 1up.com a few minutes ago and I've seen two new lawsuits against the game well actually 1 the other was a protest against it who else thinks this is becoming stupid...
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    Blue Laws

    I know you guys have heard of almost every state has tell me what you think about them like for example I forgot where but in one state its illegal to talk on the phone if you're under 12 unless your parent is with you oh yeah state weather you think they are true or false also because some Blue...
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    My School is full of crap

    Man okay alright I have a friend named Juan or whatever well he's a nice guy and he's silent alot he never really talks well the other day or whatever some teacher finds this blog that he posted on Xanga.com it said basically I wish my teacher was dead but the bad thing about this is they...