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    Worst singer?

    Who in your opinion is the worst singer in modern music? for me its this guy from sparkle horse YouTube - Nightmare Revisited Jack's Obsession(Sparklehorse) totally ruined it, and NBC is my fav movie of all time
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    Unfair Neg- rep

    Hi who do i talk to about unfair neg- rep alot of people flamed me for my views on prop 8, and i don't think that is a wise use of neg rep, is their any mod that can help me? the list of the people and some of their comments Aucune Raison- Calling me a termite- infested closet ( lol how...
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    Back after awhile...

    Hi my names JD and i've been an alcoholic for...., wait sorry wrong place. JK lol but for real i just wanted to say hi the all the peeps on this forum. I'm a bit of a newb because i've been gone for so long but yea hope to be talking with you peeps soon =D, Peace out...
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    Re:Re your Fav drive form

    Re:Re your Fav drive form ok this is the thread Your fav drive form this is the third time i opened it so that now its a poll :toungesmile: Note to a Mod please close the old one located at
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    Re your Fav drive form

    Note to a mod please close this thread i re opened this as a poll so everyone please post in that one thanks^_^ New thread located at
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    Which KH character are you most like?

    Which KH character are you most like? A: For me I think I am most like roxas or sora:toungesmile:
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    The first time you fight riku

    Did you beat riku the first time you fought him on destiny islands? Sadly i did'nt :closedeyes:
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    Your fav drive form?

    What’s your favorite drive form as for me Final Form is definitely my favorite. :thumbsup: (By the way I haven’t played KH2: FM so I don't know what Limit Form is like):toungesmile: