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Recent content by shadowmind

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    Most Epic Scene in the game?

    when goofy took the rock for mickey lol JK, no i would say anything with roxas when he was in the badass organization,i.e sora and roxas fight,riku and roxas fight
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    special order

    Yea atlantica is really there just to piss you off(or too finish the game 100%), btw about the tags ROFL
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    Worst singer?

    Who in your opinion is the worst singer in modern music? for me its this guy from sparkle horse YouTube - Nightmare Revisited Jack's Obsession(Sparklehorse) totally ruined it, and NBC is my fav movie of all time
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    Unfair Neg- rep

    Hi who do i talk to about unfair neg- rep alot of people flamed me for my views on prop 8, and i don't think that is a wise use of neg rep, is their any mod that can help me? the list of the people and some of their comments Aucune Raison- Calling me a termite- infested closet ( lol how...
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    Secret Ansem Reports

    Hey thanks!(even though you weren't intending to help me lol) i've always wondered about namine's character because she always seemed mysterious(about how she came to be), your idea helped me understand her character a bit more =)
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    Real Life Axel

    that guy is a freak, i guess he could play axel, if axel was a trans gender, wait maybe that's the secret for the next game XD JK JK
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    Back after awhile...

    Hi my names JD and i've been an alcoholic for...., wait sorry wrong place. JK lol but for real i just wanted to say hi the all the peeps on this forum. I'm a bit of a newb because i've been gone for so long but yea hope to be talking with you peeps soon =D, Peace out...
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    What takes so long?

    The only thing i care about is that it better be an awesome game to wait this long...
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    chances of sora in ssbb

    :lol: yeah lol.................
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    chances of sora in ssbb

    um someone already made a thread like this >.>.........
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    The first time you fight riku

    um i was refering to the first time u fight riku eva i'm sure everyone has beat him lol :toungesmile:
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    The first time you fight riku

    so are u refering to the 2nd battle :confused:
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    Re:Re your Fav drive form

    Re:Re your Fav drive form ok this is the thread Your fav drive form this is the third time i opened it so that now its a poll :toungesmile: Note to a Mod please close the old one located at http://forums.khinsider.com/your-favorite/86507-re-your-fav-drive-form.html
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    Re your Fav drive form

    Note to a mod please close this thread i re opened this as a poll so everyone please post in that one thanks^_^ New thread located at http://forums.khinsider.com/your-favorite/87249-re-re-your-fav-drive-form.html
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    The first time you fight riku

    no memory card o.O lol :toungesmile: