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    Personally I won't lie to you.
    I don't think anything beats Naruto.
    And I know exactly how you feel. I used to hate OP. I would constantly say how awful and cartoon like it was instead of a anime type. It took me three years to finally give it a shot. XD But don't freak yourself out. After the 2nd episode the animation stops getting all cartooney and becomes good. And you just start flowing with it =)
    But again It might not be for you. lol
    Just give the first and second episode a shot and if you can make it through that then try to go for 5 or 7 episodes. If your not getting into it by then, then it's just not your type anime. lol
    Dragon Ball kai is something I wanted to see.....But apperantly its just the remake of the old ones. Also I can't believe I left out Inuyasha....lol
    And OP is really, really, really, really good! Just one thing. Instead of reading the manga watch the anime! It's much more enjoyable. Or atleast catch up to the anine and after your all caught up go to the manga. It will take you about 3-5 episodes to get it, about 6-9 to get into it and about 11-17 to get hooked on it!
    This place is perfect for streaming it! They have all the episodes and it starts on the bottom of the page and you work your way up. Vey simple.
    go to www.watch-onepiece.com
    Me too. And I read Naruto and One piece and watch Naruto shippuden, Onepiece, Dragonball Z....ect
    How about you?
    Hey dude. Whats up?
    Golden Week in Japan is almost over so Naruto should be out soon! XD
    And also YES! Iatchi IS the best! He was the best Ninja EVER! He did all that he did with a disease, kept himself alive and fought Sasuke at half strengh and left a gift for Naruto just so Sasuke would be saved.....If he isn't the strongest (wich I think he is) then he IS the Best Big Brother ever!
    And yeah.....Orochi will be comming back....lol There are too many signs pointing to it,
    Yeah the sixth coffin is a complete mystery....I hope its not the 4th. In the begining Orochimaru wasn't able to summon the 4th. They enever explained why. In the anime Saurtobi (aka the third hokage) stopped it. But in the manag they never explained why it just didn't work. And Orochimaru claims he surpassed the only other two people to ever use the jutsu (the 2nd hokage and Orochimaru). So maybe he found a way.
    Also if Itachi brought back does that mean he's gonna use Sasuke's eyes? And ifso does that mean he gets EMS too?
    No problamo.
    I watch the Anime and Read the manga too. XD
    Any thoughts on the sixth coffin, Itachi's gift to Naruto or next chapter where it's Naruto VS Yami Naruto
    Uh, thanks for exceptin me dude.
    Also your sig rocks!!
    Itachi and Sasuke are y favorites aside from Naruto.
    Do you watch the anime or follow the manga?
    please be paitent, and try not to antagonize other members. we will get the othwe rPSP themes soon, and when we do, they'll announce it
    Proof, sir?

    God, you're 16. You can't even insult.
    You wanna insult, do some goddamn research.
    ...I mod Creative Writing. It says so.

    My name is PINK indicating I'm a section mod (for Creative Writing).

    Oh, and look at your signature. :3
    You realize I can report you, right?

    Not to mention I'm staff. I'd watch your tongue. :|
    ...So you didn't make it.

    You realize that's art theft right? You need permission to use something like that. Someone spent a lot of time on that and they didn't make it for you or give you permission so uuuuh yeah. :c
    Just asking but where did you get that signature of yours? The Sora one? D: It looks familiar.
    How about you do some research. Studies show that I'm a 38 C. :3

    With growing up, hopefully you'll think of some better insults.
    'kay thanks.
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