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Recent content by seifbugazia

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    The reason why Kingdom Hearts is successful

    I believe that the new disney projects like the princess and the frog ect lack that 'magic' which made movies like the lion king , tarzan ect instant classics. So when i play KH I feel that magic so I believe the reason why Kingdom Hearts is successful is because it has the classical disney...
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    The 3ds is gonna be released on the 29th of september (way earlier than i expected) & its price is gonna be released later today. source:3DS Release Info Coming in September (andriasang.com, 07.29.2010) OH SHIT SOMEONE CLOSE THIS THREAD I GOT CONFUSED, THE RELEASE DATE WILL BE TOLD ON SEPT 29...
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    KH3D, Tetsuya Nomura, full interview.

    Nice Nice theory, its the most ligical one i've heard so far & plus this can explain at which time 3d is taking place. what if 3d stands for 3 dreams
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    metal gear solid?

    well i never played the previous metal gear games & i was wondering if i should still play solid. i'm a fan of call of duty and medal of honor.
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    New Re:coded "Special trailer".

    is it me or is the gameplay graphics of re coded look better than days. the cloacked guy is roxas
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    Help/Support ► Well i got the girl

    Stop acting all sensiteve and make her cum in bed
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    KH3D be about dreams??

    Very very possible. 25555555555555555555555555
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    What do you think the "3D" stands for?

    I believe it stands for Kingdom Hearts Destiney of 3
  9. S

    What about the impact Nomura promised us?

    I just want to remind u people that the third game has yet to be revealed & I truely believe it will cause an impact.
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    English BbS Trailer + Game Play Videos

    Re: E3 English BbS Trailer They made aqua sound like a firetrucking naive teen that is addicted to 90201 and jersy shore
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    English BbS Trailer + Game Play Videos

    Re: E3 English BbS Trailer Aquas fucking voice actor fucking sucks. the bitch wasnt even trying. The japanese voice actor must be dissapointed
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    English BbS Trailer + Game Play Videos

    Re: e3 english trailer Youtube is not fucking working in my country. can somebody please please upload it on some other vid site and post the link
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    Kingdom Hearts: Re:Coded- What Console Should it Be on?

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    Re: Coded Confirmed - New Images

    Re: Kingdom Hearts Recoded I think that they will edit 90% of thr game, including the plot. I dont know much about coded but I think there are bugs instead of heartless, so I hope they change most of the plot so there would be heartless. I hope recoded gets released on the psp & not on the...
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    Final Fantasy Dissidia help!!!!

    I am playing as cloud level 47 and i'm fighting chaos but the bastard wont die. can someone please tell me how to beat him. do I need to level upto a particular level, get certain equipment?