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  • I thought it was good....And yeah....I won't lie.... When something awful happens I get upset.
    The problem with me and anime is that we mix to well....And I usually wined up getting tk drawn in.
    How about you though?
    lol Too bad my B-day just passed. I want to go shopping now. Sigh. I wish there was a thread for people who have already played BBS. It would be awesome to get some help for playing as Auqa! XD
    XD Thanks dude. AgIan sorry for the late reply. My computer was going skitzo but its cool now.
    Anyway, thanks for the link. Actually about 5 minutes after I sent that I figured out the site. It took alot of button pushing but I figured out how. lol
    And I can see why Sakura's popularity boosted after her fight with Sasori. That was one of my favorites and t really showed the she could have a lot of potential. XD
    Sorry for this late, late reply.
    No I havn't saddly....lol
    I don't really watch that....XD I've heard good things though.
    Anyway, what do you think of Sakura? I think she is so lame....But I can't help but like her....lol
    Good ending dude.
    Well thought out.
    But you can't summon the Juubi without the Kyuubi.
    Tobi/Madara needs all 9 of them.
    But also keep in mind that I still wonder if Madaras moonseye plan is for real or not.
    I almost punched my wall when I saw that. XD You know when just before Sakura punches something she scream "Hell Yeah!!!!" That was exactly my reaction! lol
    XD Awesome dude! I'm actually convinced you'll like it!
    Also I saw that movie too....I hated it....And loved it.....It was weird....lol
    Have you seen trailers for the 4th movie?
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