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  • im doing double science (chem&biol) art, music, history, german, english, maths, P.E, R.E, social education and catering, its alot yeah but the italics are compulsary, you?
    i just looked on your profile and you do live in liverpool ^_^ i gotta stop stalking O_O sorry bout that, anyway, what options you taken, im about to go into mine when i go back to school, year 10! im dreading it :/
    ok, so this is my last chance, ok, left or right? umm......rights always right so im going with liverpool? i suck at guessing where people live :/
    really sounds like you dont believe me XD and ok, hmm, north east.......manchester? liverpool? leeds?
    so, where do you live? you dont have to tell me your full adress, just area, i live in barnsley ^_^
    there is, you could just sit your parents down and talk to them about it, it sounds like your parents are really understanding, so give it a try
    What area do you live in? I hope that everything has settled down over there, kinda like how things have settled down in London~ Oh cool, it seems my school left like a week earlier than most of the country. It's cubism. Which I hate. Go you for actually putting effort into the summer homework lol
    So your school doesnt do 3 options + A language? iMedia, what's that? I chose Art, Media and History + French. Art is. I like Art, I draw manga and stuff, but GCSE art, I never enjoy..on most days. The media I do is pretty fun, maybe cos the teacher. He's awesome. History...well.

    I'm scared to go into year 11! lol i'm wishing this summer never ends. College/Sixth form, isn't just the same...you don't get to bond with people for 5 years like secondary..instead it's 2 years. So the leave doesn't hurt as much as secondary school :(

    How you been?
    hehe cool, something ive been wanting to ask, have you got any siblings? i have, 4 of them, an older brother, a little sister and my twin sister ^_^
    :3 yep. i always am ;D (gets struck by lightening for being arrogant)

    thats right :D tho i think kanda might really be dead since the old man said the rust on his sword shows loss of compatibly, which means death. the innocence wont do that unless its user's gone but you never know he could pop up :D

    im not so sure honestly road told allen that the 14th fought for mana and cross said their "two sides to this war" and the 14th himself (when allen nearly awakened in the alma arc) told allen that the earl is "broken" and that he was also "broken" im not saying he's some anti hero but i dont think what the 14th wants is as bad as what the earl is attempting.
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