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  • XD true there just that awesome! Grell amuses me a lot when he's around Sebastian. Sebastian however I <3 seeing his demon side that it's almost scary at times. Just got caught up in Black Butler too, so now I have to wait for more chapters each week.

    Oh. What other books do you read? I finished up Vampire Academy so I'm waiting for the new book Bloodlines.
    XD sweet~ another thing we both like. Hmm I don't have a favorite yet. I think I'll wait and see how it ends first then I'll decide who my favorite character is. I mostly like Sebastian so far. I can see why you like Grell though.

    Ah how come you lost interest!? Is it because it was a trilogy?
    :D your reading ao no exorcist to!? im on chapter 12 so far. i dont recognize the others are they good?

    XD i think they'd be awesome! a exorcist revolt!
    i dont see allen getting corrupted since well he's the main character XD
    Ah Liverpool~ Cool :D. That's good, peacefulness is better than the violence we have been getting. Yeah, the media just loves to do that ;l. Everything has officially died out. Yay!
    Cubism. If you want an easy life, don't do it lol. So what did you after the Van Gogh style failed then? xD I'm guessing your school must be a language college of somesorts? iIt's same with mine too. French sucks! Ah I see, that's pretty different. So your school doesn't do ICT?

    So what do you hate about iMedia? Is it just essays and the such then D: If so, that really sucks. So you don't get grades for that...just pass or fail? double D: dundundun Parents evening!

    Manga rocks~ But Gcse art. :l <- My face through out whole course. Tbh, when I see Art on my timetable I'm not that all sad I guess. You're lucky! I want a cute art teacher! Mine is kinda evil...she sent a letter to my house saying if I dont complete certain CW over summer I might get kicked off course (Which I don't believe at all) Yeah I know :( Harder exams too! Dammit I hate growing up. Results day as well...is making me cringe.

    It's okay :3 That's good, how was it a dull day? Just one of them lazy days? I'm fine too thanks, my day has a chilled (Like half of my summer holiday has been) I'm really lazy lol.
    im guessing youve probably seen it then? yeah, i tried to be the hero and got pwnd because im still lv.14 XD
    Oh so that's the difference then between an otaku and a weeaboo.
    Right now I'm reading Black Butler and Yozakura Quartet.
    Cool so we both have some anime in common with each other.

    I can't decide who my favorite character in the book is. I just love reading the series though. Yup you got the names right.
    Lol that's great that you like cookies and balloons! ^^
    XD lol your list sounds like mine used to be, mines to the point now i have to have certain ones on certain days to keep track of them all and i have another to keep track of what i've finished...lol i think i got a manga problem.
    :D well to name a few: Fairy tail, St&rs, Bleach, Bakuman, the dragon ball specials on mangastream, silver spoon and kekkaishi. (lol and thats just a few of the ones im reading)
    what ones are you reading?

    XD i'd be kinda shocked myself, imagine all the characters wtf!? faces.
    who's bad and good might have to do with the 14th, cause its been said a few times that there was originally 13 members but now theres a 14th :/
    try mangafox or better yet mangastream dgrayman chapters are posted soon after release on those sites.
    i have others i read to...almost to many ive resorted to making a list to keep track! XD

    i know what you mean it'd be like what SE/nomura done to maleficent, in kh1 she was great now...she's comic relief -_-
    yeah allen was needles to say confused and said how the noah and akuma are monsters and tyki says back that he's the real monster having both a noah and innocence in him and in that same speech he said to teach those monsters inside a lesson.

    :3 you dont have to be sorry you remember everything fine.

    something thats confusing me is the earl based on what ive seen in latest chapters im beginning to wonder if the noah might be corrupt in some way cause the 14th called the earl and himself broken on top of that they survived the biblical flood if they were always evil why would only they survive?
    XD wouldnt it be a big WTF!? moment if the innocence really was the bad guys?
    Do you mean like an otaku? (likes Japanese stuff alot?). I'm guessing that's the same thing as a weeabo? (I didn't know what a weeaboo was until you told me lol). That's okay if you add in japanese words, I don't mind.

    :) at the moment I love manga. So I've been reading tons of it lately. I also like anime such as Naruto, Fruitsbasket, Ouran host club, vampire knight, and Durarara. I like books such as The City of Bones and Harry potter. Little things would be cookies, popcorn, and balloons! You could say I'm somthing like you a weeaboo.
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