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    Your welcome!^.^Its always nive to make frineds^.^

    How are you if I may ask?
    well that's good at least lol
    no they don't hurt lol they bother me a little bit though. I need a new perscription so that's why they're drying up on me lol
    Some of them have been known to abuse their powers... and ban people who haven't really done much to be banned.
    Same here lol, I'll stick with the normal members.
    That's true... But they have the power so it's not like anything can really be done about it unless you wanna get permabanned lol. But they're not all jerks, a few of them are nice. ^^
    Graphic Design? Wow that's nice. When I was younger I considered having this as my major as well xD But instead, I chose English and Spanish. ;_;

    I get along really fine with my brother who is 12 years older than me, but I'm on really bad terms with my other sister with whom I'm 15 years apart =D Meaning I'm the youngest in my family. :3 It must be hard to have younger siblings no?
    Lol XD
    Wow... that's not cool. I was only on here for a few months before I leff so I didn't have very many friends yet. But I was lucky because when I came back my old friends (all four of them lol)were very welcoming. But it sucks that happened like that for you... ><
    People are funny like that. ^^ I once had a girl told me she would hit me if I mentioned Twilight in front of her... I think she was joking though... maybe. eheheh...
    I know. I remember when I first joined it was dfferent, but then I had to leave for a year and when I came back it was like this... it was a shock.
    I think so too. Slly fangirls lol. I could probably be considered one of them, I'm just not rabid like so many are... >:/
    And that right there explains why so many people are so rude, on here and everywhere else. I actually do like the books, but I have no problem with people who absolutely hate the books. Lol, I'm a member of the fc here, but I've got friends who are part of the hate-club.
    Geez... I've never heard that before... I mean, I like the books, but I'm not about to go stab someone who doesn't. Eveyone has different opinions and people should realize that...
    Yeah, I wasn't expecting to movie to be very good. It was kind of butchered. XP Yeah, I know what you mean there, definitely not.
    I hate that! lol but you went shopping? ahh I envy you lol I was stuck in school....school where there's lack of proper heating....
    Sick? D: Hope you get better then!

    Yep time to sleep. :D It's 11PM already. Time zones do really suck sometimes ;_;

    I didn't know you go to college. What's your major if I may ask? Oh and good luck with helping your sister. Having sisters is a good thing isn't it? :D Yeah, later.
    Are you SERIOUS? The twilight fans attacked people? For what? I'm also surprised that there are so many people still loving the books so much... it's almost become like a cult lol.
    Hi :3 Long time no chat! How have you been? <3

    Not much is up I suppose; I'm getting ready to go to bed soon though xD;;
    What are you doing?
    Exactly. XD
    They really do. But I guess that's how people are these days lol.
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