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Recent content by RikuDestiny

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    ~The nojerom_14 fanclub!~<3

    Well, why not? shes been starting so many for her friends so give her credit people! XD Members: RikuDestiny (like it matters) Allstargamer Xugoh Kingdomfighter5 Skater Nobody Holy Zero XII Neloangelo Plus u?:confused:
  2. R

    Fanfiction ► The Forgotten Warrior

    OOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooo i liked it! ^^ sorry im late though.....
  3. R

    Fanfiction ► Spirit of a Full Moon

    Thank you LS! I try ^^ i dont know the next time i'll update though ^^;
  4. R

    Take Lucretia if You Can!!!!!!

    Alright, so this started as a convo on msn, but were gonna continue it! XD So i'll finish it.....*Starts putting Lucretia bak together*
  5. R

    Fanfiction ► Spirit of a Full Moon

    lol it depends on my mood really ^^;
  6. R

    Fanfiction ► Spirit of a Full Moon

    huh? haku, i havent written any of these chapters down.....
  7. R

    Fanfiction ► Spirit of a Full Moon

    u do matt?! thanks ^^ it didnt take me that long.. and i didnt write it on paper either!:toungesmile:
  8. R

    Fanfiction ► Spirit of a Full Moon

    it just opens up a way for me to put more chapters in now ^^ but yea its gonna get better ^^
  9. R

    Fanfiction ► Spirit of a Full Moon

    lol yea i saw, thats why i edited ^^;
  10. R

    Fanfiction ► Spirit of a Full Moon

    yay! u dont know how happy that makes me! im glad u likedit! *hugs* yay! first buddy to read it! XD aww... haku beat ya to it? lol oh yea i guess not, but it surely the longest ^^;
  11. R

    Fanfiction ► Spirit of a Full Moon

    Chapter 8 :Missing “Well, that was fun.” Vincent was polishing his Cerberus with a slight smile on his face. That was the best anyone was gonna get out of him. A smirk. “What did you do Vincent? I told you us Ancients are still a dying race.” Santros looked upset. I don’t think Vincent killed...
  12. R

    Fanfiction ► Spirit of a Full Moon

    its.. a kinda of sadness that i want everyone to know about in way..... kinda like not facing it alone... and i think i have my next chapter.
  13. R

    Fanfiction ► Spirit of a Full Moon

    lol yea, my mind is creative, u can imagine what i can come up with when im sad.....
  14. R

    Fanfiction ► Spirit of a Full Moon

    then.... it just like writing in a diary.... i told u my character is based on me, well at least what she goes thru....:unsure:
  15. R

    Fanfiction ► Axel's fan-fic

    lol awwww... its ok ^^ just keep at at!:thumbsup: