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    ~The nojerom_14 fanclub!~<3

    Well, why not? shes been starting so many for her friends so give her credit people! XD Members: RikuDestiny (like it matters) Allstargamer Xugoh Kingdomfighter5 Skater Nobody Holy Zero XII Neloangelo Plus u?:confused:
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    Take Lucretia if You Can!!!!!!

    Alright, so this started as a convo on msn, but were gonna continue it! XD So i'll finish it.....*Starts putting Lucretia bak together*
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    Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth

    Hey, has anymone played this one? its for PSP, and the storyline is so interesting! ^^
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    The Yuffie Kisaragi Fanclub!

    Yuffie is one of the best Final Fantasy Characters Around!! (those who didnt know about this before) please join this materia stealing ninja's fanclub (and for those who joined before join again please)!!! Holy Zero XII foreverkingdom Darkening Rebirth neloangelo ThePowerofPie kebladeofsteel...
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    Radiata Stories

    Hey does anybody know about this game? I think its cool, but what do u think? :confused:
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    Spirit of a Full Moon

    um.. i made this storywhen i was 11, and as i developed a liking of square enix games i also developed a character named raye who is sephiroth's seventh child.... raye is also based on me! ^^ this is now a 6 yr story but i'll some it up ^^ lol this includes all final fantasy charcaters and kh...
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    Final Fantasy 7 remake?

    Do u know about this petition? Square -enix hasnt said anything about a remake...