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  • HI you remember me right? The girl with stupid questions from your forum hehe I have another question...
    I was wondering is there a problem with the site that gives error? If not then could it be the censorship? (not sopa it has nothing to do with it)
    Ah, yeah that really grinds my gears. They never had a problem with it before. I mean if anything Utada Hikaru should be thankful that her songs are getting more popular because of people replaying when looking at people's LP(Let's play) on youtube.
    Heh, I knew it! I take it youtube got on your case for KH posting vids so you switched channels?
    Traffic. The link is there, but as an admin on a KH site yourself, you do understand the importance of traffic. We're not taking away your credibility at all.
    Hey, I thought this would proove useful to you.

    A brief look behind my 3DS recording technique - YouTube
    Dude. I had no idea you were the creator of KH3. That's so cool.
    Hey dude. I know this is going to sound out there but, Yesterday I was watching your RE:Coded Cutscenes (with subs) and now I tried again and there all still there exactly how they were yesterday but the subs arn't showing up... I even tried your YT channels. Anything you can do?
    Uh, No...... I saw one on your thread. It wa the secret ending to recoded I think. Anyway, thanks for the links dude. I appreciate it. You rock :)
    Hey dude! Awesome Kh vids. Could I get a link to your YT channel?
    Hey DChiuch, I can't find any walkthrough or playthrough videos on BBS. And also I subscribed to you on youtube, but so when are you going to upload it?
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