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  • Sorry for this lare reply dude.....I couldn't find you in my freinds.
    Anyway, whats up with BBS and you? You said you beat it right? lol
    All I have left to do is Auqa but for some reason I keep putting it off....
    i thought the scene where Xemnas says "So sleep has taken you yet again" was another illusion to MX. Also Xemnas' search for the Chamber of Repose is Xemnas looking for Ven according to Nomura.
    Yeah, and according to Nomura weve should have seen three scenese relating to 358/2 days. I only saw one. Where Ven puts Terra's keyblade in the chest and in days when you go to neverland you open up that chest and get it.
    Awesome dude! Me too. I'm almost done playing as Auqa on proud. I have scene every cutscene about a gazillion times. And I hope in the next KH game we can use the X-Blade.
    So how far along are you in BBS?
    It's cool dude. lol Sorry for bugging you I just didn't know if I got you upset or anything.
    So have you played or spoiled and scene all the cutscenes for BBS?
    nar it isnt, i dont think his name has been released yet. he is one of the main characters in the Final Fantasy Agito. which is yet to be realeased.

    do you like it? <3
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