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  • Yep, thankfully :) btw have a good July 4th and stuff~

    So you skinny limbs like a tape worm ~_~ I will, I will. You know how...like you start a really bad car. But you have to start a few times to get it going? Maybe kick it too? Yeah, that's me. Haha, aww. Nah, I don't think so everyone in my class wants to die right now n_n Hey, at least we get to go on a trip for it lol. Why not? Join me in this tragic tale. (Speaking of scents, my mum brought toilet tissue that smells really bad........) Typos suck, need to start reading stuff before I send it lol. What, like if they're young or older? *shrug* Maybe I worry too much~ And I think that's about...8pm for you lol When are you least busy? What, you'd not miss them? :< Woo, Rex setting rules now, huh? Whattttt why not lol Sometimes cheese is good. No problem :). Yep Pappi! THE OBJECT IS THE CAKE.

    I duno about that, can you touch your toes?

    :(( *Covers self with invisibility cloak to restore dignity* It is, you can see other things people can't :) YES. It's anime like this is the reason why. SAME. Yeah, it's really sad :\\ Ahhh, I see. She's quite cute :) and you were right lol unlike me... Weirdass theory incoming - I actually thought her parents forced her to board a Valvrave and she was traumatised by that experience, thus why the way she is. I don't know how I got that from the anime tbh. OK :) I see, I'll check it out
    Okay, I guess I should have been more dramatic then xD Don't ruin those eyes of yours...

    Sorry, it was midnight when I replied. You know what that means. I will keep at it, try to anyway :( I don't draw much. Lol I put him a prince costume!
    All a sudden, I really want a rabbit.

    Makes sense :\\ that's harsh, bro. Haha, I'm glad they still accept you, despite the extra...limbs. :<...Give me...some days. Months...years. :( It's cos I erm, eff'ed up my first year being lazy. I shouldn't have xD Yeah...they're missing out on a great student, I think! Yeah, boring stuff xD We have to do a whole research paper on it on September...can you see my tears? Ha, take a trip to the chemistry class and I'll show you the beauty of Cyclo-chan n_n. Yeah, lol typos >.<!. Think you'd make a good teacher? Eh, being honest? I want to but I'm scared it'd be awks and then I'd feel bad. My 1am...xD Idk, depends when you're not busy...your time. I just need to add the hours (But it can't be 5am lol). I'd actually miss them though :< Well, whyyyyyy? Noo, lol that movie is great (yes I said it) but I was watching Never Been Kissed. xD I think Pappi sounds better, like idk, wise? WHAT IF THAT OBJECT WAS CAKE, I'D BE GETTING QUITE THE TREAT

    We should be thankful for this. Except the lack of flexibility. That just hurts.

    I feel...stripped of my dignity. People who think too much are probs analytical imo. I think my mind just turns off as of late...:( wth? You sure can take anime seriously! Anime can even teach you stuffs...like Clannad! People need to stop, really :< If I was an anime character, I would have tried to help! What attracts you to her? :3 WELL y'know, I have no life so I might just do! What kind of humour does this anime have that makes you laugh so much lol
    But the way you just casually asked lol Hey youni you into hentaiii? lol why... actually don't

    I guess you are right. I am learning. I'm still a trainee because...I wanna be the very best, that no one ever was. Which i can't believe xD It's not dirty or anything you might just think why is this girl doing weird designs of characters i love lol
    Punny bunny lol

    well, I don't want any of that ice that killed thousands of people :(( Nobody suspects a thing huh? you just slither everywhere but they think that's your normal behaviour lol. Why should i :mad:? Thanks, but I don't think I'll get in...ecology is about plants lol xDD. I still think I'd chock on that particular scent, it's horrible, I don't think ya understand lol. I meant SNIFF haha, that's embarrassing. I actually heard it again while watching this american show...lol thanks for teaching me once again. So...so you'd actually be up for that? A good time would be 1am for me but hey, summer holidays and all. Yeah, we won't be typing these 'letters' xD. Hope not! And whyyyy? I also finished watching a cheesy high school movie so I was like...extra think-y. And Pap makes me think of paparazzi xD Yeah, THE JUDGE. WELL I TAKE YOUR OBJECT AND THROW IT IN THE BIN.

    That world is beautiful...no ladders, no helping hand~

    I did, okay? Is this what you wanted, my confession?? ;_;. Yeah, that's actually true, now that you say it. You're analytical? :D I feel bad cos I don't actually think a lot when watching anime *needs to change* Oh yeah! I saw, that was so horrible :(( Why are people like that? Poor girl...
    LOL I'm watching dat hentai princeeee or Hatarku Maou because it may make me lol :)
    Awkssssssssssssssss. Yeah hentai is really tasteless, take a trip to the SnG tag on tumblr and you'll know what i mean.

    Yeah, I will! :D Lol damn it, guess I semi failed but it's okay. Next time. That picture is actually getting loved up xD Btw, I'm drawing a Prince!Sora one...I hope we can still be friends after you see that....lol
    Punny xD That makes me feel a bit better, then

    From Antarctica or something? *gasp* So you're hiding you Octopus identity from your family?. Time zone-chan is still not forgiven. Yeah...at one of the top universities in the UK. I ask myself why I'm aiming so high. The-- *chicken conveniently clucks*. It is :D Except ecology. Ecology is bad. Which I can't say I'm too happy about. Maybe I'll get you to stiff it to see what I mean lol. I would think that means you clean up the dishes nice! lol! Well, that's reassuring. I actually wonder how it would be to speak on Skype though. Hopefully, it doesn't close down...KHI5EVUR :) Why I say thattt? Late night wonderings. Great Paparazzi! *bangs hammer* I am a...the guy with white hair who's always in court cases!

    The world where you can reach what you want to reach?

    Heck yeah, he was pretty slick xD I wasn't fangirling over him...maybe...sometimes. I didn't even predict that tbh. I'm really interested in her past, I hope they reveal it in the second season. Yayyyyy, whats you fav anime out of that list? I'll watch it :)
    lol did you just ask if im into hentai. Well, y'know, like...yaoi is ok? Wbu?

    I really do try ;~;. Lol I will offer them to switch abilities for some time...but you're right, we've all got our down falls :) I was more like thinking...fighting but lol it's not very convenient :( needs more belts and zips?/
    R-really? I'm surprised you say that.

    Well, those icecubes must be pretty strong? You flail, flail just like Octodad. I'm so proud. Time zone-chan should have considered that before it was evil to me u_u. It's funny because I want to do a science degree lol. I appreciate le science when being shoved up my...hohoho. I love Biology lol just hate Chemistry. But I only know that because the smell of cyclohexane was so horrible, it's engraved in my smell. That's actually really helpful! I still remember 'You clean up nice' and myself going what the hell does that mean lol. I hope you can, they'll probs welcome you with open arms. A thought just occured to me...what happens, if say, this site closes down or something? A great popsicle?? A great pap? pappi?. NO NO I OBJECT SORRY. (I'm actually happy now lol)

    ...Now you've entered a whole new world.

    Yeah, I really liked Eru Erfu ;3 I agree, nearing the end of the season things got kinda dodgy for me. Idk, you might like it. Has a kickass brobot in it. :) ...Has it got hentai in it lol

    Thank you for seeing the thing I draw. Yeah...7/8 years, still shitty at hands but I try my best lol Again, thanks. :3 I keep looking at it and can't actually imagine Kairi wearing it lol ;___;
    Idk lol...my puns even these days...

    Punishment? Is sucking on ice cubes on a hot day really punishment? I'm looking at you like that. T h a t. Whatcha gon do about it? And maybe sometimes the balls. I know that's really evil lol so maybe not..but. *hisses* Chemistry can go. Go home. Go pluto. Go forever. The only think coursing through your veins is the toxic smell of cyclohexane n_n. Prairie? you teach me a lot of new words :3 It is...I've actually never kept an online friend this long. Lol Parenting. Doing it right. Think I will do the same. NO YOU CAN'T LIFE ISN'T LIKE THAT lol. (Whoa, now I'm sad lol)

    ...you have achieved every male's dream.

    Heheheh. I'm ready. Yeah...Valvrave was quite the ride. So much definitely goes on. I didn't even know there was going to be a second season...and I might do~ Why you not watch Suisei no Gargantia? *Searches on Google* *Sees pics* ∑(O_O;) I...I kinda want to be Hentai Princess.
    Btw...I drew a thing...Opinion...maybe...*looks around nervously*
    Lol, I swear they were really crap xD

    wHATTT? Why? >___>? Timezones gets nothing...nothing at all. He does but I don't love it as much as him, sadly. Lol, good idea! Oh, just this flower... Decided to let him go because he wasn't being very nice. It has been, although It doesn't feel like it at all lol. This kind of acknowledgement isn't all that common but yeah, yeah it is :) Even when you're married? with children? :3/ BUT IT'S TRUE, you cannot argue fact, ha. (When you try & you don't succeed??)

    You are 6ft. Congratulations.

    Just watched the recent episode. lol levi just appeared out of nowhere i was so confused but I guess this is where the shipping starts? Valvrave! dat first ending song....wow, can't believe that's the only anime I'm watching out of this list. Hentai Prince? I will just take that for what it is, no questions, no nothing
    Jokes?...is...is it the puns?

    Consider how hot it was today in the afternoon, I'll take that offer in the place of Hope. Okay. Thank you Disney n_n Thank you Enix n_n No thanks to you timezones u_u. Science can bug off until September..I kinda miss that flower, y'know. We seriously have...call me a sadist but it'll be 2 years this summer. (That sounds like...some kind anniversary) It's equivalent to you being a college friend, expect you won't leave after two years...I think. *thumbs up* RIGHT CHOICE. Well thanks for accept it after much refuting lol (That would kind of kill the meaning and make it depressing)

    Isn't 1.8288 = 6ft lol *whispers:wedontevenusemetershere*

    The story is defo something else.The angst is addictive and real. Hmm....anime watchers are in for a ride, arent we? It would... :/ Btw, you watching any other animes?
    I do? ~_~

    Ah, see didn't take long...Have you accepted Hope as your Lord and Saviour? ^^ Yeah, I know :) I can totally understand that feeling. And it's funny because it's all due to some game with Disney cartoons in it. Sounds so insignificant. Heck yeah it's beautiful. I guess...Let's not get into the science that disproves that though lol. If it's unhealthy...plant that flower far, far away. Even though you might miss it...lol if it wasn't i wouldn't be talking to you all these years dude xD I OBJECT YOUR REFUTE :mad: My compliment still stands. Thanks n_n. Aww, that is kinda inspiring. (I hope it didn't die...later on)

    How tall are you? xD

    Ahhhh yessss saw that on tumblr I was just like O_O *shiver* I'll pass? lol Maybe the manga is a bad idea afterall...That would be terrible :\ unless someone happens to be doing illegal experiments on their child and they can somehow turn into a titan *cough*
    Heh, I'm actually proud of that one.

    But I mean the city...or the world lol. I guess it's cool because you get different insights into life and interesting discussions due to cultural differences and stuff :) Well, after we do share the same sky. Lol it's like everything is motivating me these days, huh? Yep, I will. Would be a shame to see them die now. I'll just enjoy the experience of you being yourself, I guess :D Don't try refute my claims :p. You will, I feel better now after taking the time to research what uni's i'd like to go to~ It really did :O...any random objects inspire you today?

    *sticks out chest* Tall pride!

    :((( Fine. *Puts yaoi glasses back into box* Understandable, but the OST, art and animation make the experience different, me thinks. Really? wow...Yeah the manga is just...even the way Eren's mum dies in manga compared to the anime is even more violent...made me shiver. I often think what would happen if Titans appeared in the present day? Would we all be eaten? :<
    *shrug* It's what makes you Youniquee (haha) and smart too :)

    The streets?? Bro you've got it wrong...you mean the city...or the world. Yeah, it's so unfortunate it's rare and some of the ones I do connect with are million miles away ~_~ She does, indirectly motivated me to do better for sure :D Just like newly grown flowers :) If you don't care for them, they die :(
    No pressure though x) Just be yourself~ Pshh, No I'm not lol Oh look the future looks bright already :) Anything? Even a bottle of deodorant or something lol? *Looks at body spray infront of me* Sky Blue..I think...I think I can reach the sky...One sky one destiny.

    *hi5 for tall people*

    But...but it's been long time?? :( I think I will read it after the anime, possibly. But there's nothing but angst and sadness in this story I don't know if I can take it twice. (I don't watch episodes at night anymore because when I did, it gave me nightmares...lol can you believe that?)
    Terribly amazing~ Well, everyone's mind isn't as unscrewed (?) as they think it is :3

    But...but it's Hope we're talking about...like...Hope? Y'know, Hope Estheim. He pretty much runs stuff in FFXIII-2 *__*. Yeah! Kinda reminds me of my friend...Met her at College induction and I haven't left her side since lol It's definitely special. I shall admire this perseverance in you u_u I want to aspire to be like that :D You say things like this, is hard not just be like: He's so sweet~ u_u Change! In order to reach a better future :D! lol They really motivate me when needed :3

    I think that's legit precaution *nods* Neither do I *shifty eyes*. Nope, I'm a tall-ie (i hope the english language can forgive me, soz Orz) I have a good/bad case of a baby face ha.

    I seee~ was gonna read the manga but there's just something about going: YAY sunday...SnK and SnG time! Hmm, I thought I'd never have to use these again but...*blows off dust* *puts on yaoi glasses* Back to the point: He looks cool, from that little segment we had in one of the episodes :3
    p.s.s I actually like how we're on a roll with these messages today lol *treasures it while it lasts*
    Is that a good or bad thing lol

    There is so much hope in this conversation, I am overflowing with hope...Hope Estheim. But then again, No one expects close friends...lol. I really admire that...instead of: Let me just chill for 2/3 months, you were like: Nope let's be proactive! and I think that's great :D I'm glad you got it :3 Ah, I see, seems kinda early~ Yep! If you don't risk anything, you risk even more. -Erica Jong (random quote from twitter but it fits lol)

    I'll trust you but this...But they have the mouth...the mouth! Yep lol...I don't really change, especially physically xD

    ps. Nice Levi avatar :p Trying to figure out why everyone on Tumblr..1. Loves him a lot 2. Keeps shipping him with Eren. But if I go into tags I will get spoilt to death.
    Oh, you'll lose your mind...for sure lol

    Thanks :) It's been a few days or so and I haven't received a rejection email so I'm quite hopeful :) I see, unexpected close friends are always nice. Really? So how are you doing the internship? Like do you get time off college because of that or has college already ended? :O Sorry for the silly questions lol. It's cool, it's okay to be afraid but sometimes, you just gotta jump without thinking :)

    I can't help but imagine you trying to say that with a straight face lol...Well, I don't know...I'd probably keep some honey bait just in case...Chinese food...still the best after all these years.
    Lol have fun...and tell me if you get past that level I'm stuck on.

    In that case, lets hold hands and pray I get a job ha. So you actually became friends with people you weren't friends with before? That's actually cool. Btw, have you graduated from college? Trust me, it's not. Why? Hmm, I say just message them 'Hey, how you been?', Exactly what you did to me :)

    But I think bears are greedy u_u Stick around to eat then the next thing you know, it's eating us or all our food supplies. Hmm, I guess I wouldn't mind some chinese food on the side though. That will make spending time with them extra special lol
    I don't even know but I think you should play it lol

    Hopefully :) I mean, they have, now that exam period is over. I'm on the same boat as you...online and offline. I've had no social life for the past 5 months and I actually stopped speaking to most people from my 'high' school. Although, It's never too late to start contacting people, and reconnecting bonds, me thinks.

    If it's BBQ'd food I'll have to pass lol Party in the woods~ I just hope a bear doesn't eat us :\ That's very, very true. Even something like laying on grass when your skint on money with a really good friend can be made fun :)
    Well you asked for this lol first, the controls really make me cry but I think I've gotten the hang of it. Octo-chan (lol I'm going to call that...because I can) doesn't even speak english and just does weird octopus sounds to communicate with his family i mean isn't that a huge ass give away? Then there's this butcher who keeps stalking him because he wants to make him into sushi and when he finally tells his family the real deal (after this weird test to prove im human which i had to climb up ladder while my house was on fire, how the hell did it get on fire, what if he killed the children???), his son (yes he has children) says 'No, My dad is regular human!' and I didn't know what to say to that but I kept playing anyway, now I'm stuck on this bit because I keep having some weird error :( ALL IN ALL that game is really weird and I have no life. End. Still getting it for PS4 though.


    I wouldn't say things are great but they're good enough! Haha, tbh throughout these 5 months of so, there were a few times I wanted that back. Just to kill the stress and stuff. Maybe things won't go back to being that bizarre but speaking in general is nice again. Yeah, boring and possibly toxic lol

    Welp, any money is good money. ha. Yeah! All I want to do right now is catch some fireflies and sit on a porch and talk. I guess...that's kind of an adventure.
    I actually downloaded the PC version of it yesterday...where do I even begin.

    Woop, woop~ Life's going good and I hope it stays like that for you :) Yep! I actually read some of our past conversations and I wonder if I've lost the ability to be that crazy and make fun nonsensical conversations lol Good? Good!?? Growing up is scary, bro.

    Whattttttttttttttttttttttt, no way? Well, on a positive note, at least you'll have money~ Maybe to go on holiday? And maybe enough for me to tag along lol
    The marketing idea is great though = make the game look as whack as possible and people will buy it because it's so unbelievable stupid.

    I see, I see. Idk, when you do internships and stuff it's just nice to feel like you're going somewhere or progressing. So that's good. When does it end? I bet you've marked the date on your calendar, ha.
    Yeah, I agree :) Although I can't help but find it slightly alarming I started talking to you when you were 19...and now you're 21?? Like time...needs to slow down. I'm getting a bit disturbed lol

    Lol, my friend doesn't call me creeper for nothing. Don't you get any days off? :< I mean that's just horrible if you don't??
    Pay to see a octopus somehow fool everyone that he's human?? and marry human girl? And have babies? I want...that game.

    Whoa...I can imagine you with a really nice suit, in an office, with glasses... typing away. That's really cool though. What's the internship for?...soon enough you'll get your life back :)
    Yeah, but that's just life catching up. It's okay...I'm kinda grateful for that as getting attached to this site while doing the course I was doing...it's a huge danger lol

    Lol that was literally what I done. *signs on* *sees recent threads* *signs off*. Yep! Summer is coming...yeah~ But if I get a job I may begin creeping again ha.
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