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  • If you go to your account then click account details, you can change the member title to your own custom title.
    it was an icon for a champion in commemoration of the release of a new playable character in a game called league of legends
    "No new requests" and no "No new notifications" come up.
    I can just imagine you face palming at my noobishness with facebook lol.
    hey rc, i just got to your message. sorry for keeping you waiting. thanks so much for donating, it was $40 yesterday right? only donation in a while.

    it means a lot to me, if it weren't for you guys i wouldn't be anywhere. you're awesome!
    Yeah, I am. :c

    Thanks for explaining, but I'm not sure if it works that way on iPhone D:
    Hey Red! Just wanted ti ask, were ya able to solve the in-app purchase problem? If so, how?
    there is an extremely limited chat but its pmuch useless. you should make a facebook just for FB messenger, use a fake name. i can add you to the rebels group
    there is no multiplayer, like, at all. the closest thing is fighting a raid boss, when you die your party members can fight it separately.
    nah don't be sorry

    i have an LG Leon actually, low-to-mid tier phone. yeah the game is fun in short bursts but its just not my cup of tea. short turn-based battles, level grinding thats impeded by limited storage, it just has too many issues and stumbles over itself. same with any phone game
    idk the exact make, its an LG from Metro PCS. unlimited talk, text and data for $30, but each added phone is minus $5. my dad put me on so i got a sweet deal. if you have a phone on another plan then the phone is free, this is limited time only tho.
    lol my phone is $25 and the monthly cost is $25. i know what to look for with phones red.
    its all cool. i hope you can get to play it soon. shoulda bought a phone and not a 3ds lol
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