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    What is your job?

    Adjunct professor here—working contract to contract, with a few small lecturing gigs always ongoing. I'd like to pursue a PhD at some point, but I'd rather it be in the U.K., at the university where I got my MA. And since international travel isn't exactly the safest option right now, it's on...
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    Well, howdy! Been a minute, hasn't it?

    Well, howdy! Been a minute, hasn't it?
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    Heya! Drop me a message if you like!

    Heya! Drop me a message if you like!
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    Whoever chances upon this old profile, I hope you have a wonderful day! If you're someone from...

    Whoever chances upon this old profile, I hope you have a wonderful day! If you're someone from the old Roleplaying section, please add me on Discord. Elfy#0483
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    Canon Roleplay Time!

    Change of plans, everybody! When I posted this thread, it was under the impression that I would have much more free time during the summer than ended up being the case. Not only am I busier than I've been in quite some time, but "The Last Queen" seems to be enduring despite the usual section...
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    Ordeith's Entries - Blazing Summer Writing Contest

    For the time being, I can't imagine that I'll write more than two entries. However, since this first piece began as something else entirely, I freely admit the possibility. We have until the end of July, after all. Let's just see what comes of it!
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    What's next? YOU DECIDE.

    Now that my academic year has finally drawn to a close, I can afford to be more active around here. I'm laying the groundwork to begin in OmniChaos' R.E.M., and he and I will be debuting Nightfall — the main story and roleplay, not just a spin-off within the universe — later this summer...
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    The Lord's Bridge Casebook

    2 November, in the year of our Lord 2014 I, Silas Conan Doyle Datchery — christened James Michael Wells — wish to preface this volume, and all the journals and case notes herein contained, with the following. Everything written here is entirely true, and free of even the slightest bias. Though...
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    THE LAST QUEEN - {Works of Spurius, Book I}

    THE LAST QUEEN or The Nightmare of the Ivory Manse Ghost queen, archangel aid seven VI SIX conspirators, coup By the powers of m Moonlight, rain, midnight. Angel prologue It began in moonlight and rain It happened beneath a rain-slanted-slashed moon devils & ghouls — (Pre)Gothic Horror?? Dark...
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    CWOS: The Last Queen {OOC / Sign-Up}

    ------- I ń Rr Ǣ Ɂ ȣ i P Ȼ hY s ------- Salutations, friends! As you well know, a diligent Story-Keeper never sits idle for long—for as the year turns, new stories are given life in words, and long-forgotten tales are finally restored in full. Still we labor to recover the lost kingdom of...
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    News ► Jim Meskimen to replace Dan Castellaneta as "Genie" in Future Games

    Those videos are hardly representative of Jim Meskimen's best. Listen to this: iobTXPgETOY Skip to 2:45 for his Robin Williams impression. While not spot-on, it's certainly better than the "Robin-Williams-as-Genie" impression in the videos above. Meskimen is an excellent vocal impressionist...
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    Character ► [ACCEPTED] Oh, it's that "Ordeith" again. Get the bug spray.

    I'm very hesitant to post a template, given how spotty my activity has been with just two active roleplays. My wish to support the section's "main RP" got the better of me, though, so I whipped this up. It will probably be revised several times before Arcana even launches, provided I have a...
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    YOU DECIDE! - The Collected Works of Spurius

    Hello, everybody. I'm sure that maybe, like, one or two of you all of you have noticed my recent inactivity. Alas, I've been very busy — and though some of this time has been spent on private writing projects, I really would like to get back into the swing of things here. So here's the plan...
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    Help! Deadline approaching!

    My university is gathering material for a show called Shakespeare in Mind, a pastiche of scenes and soliloquies written around the theme of "Shakespeare in the Twenty-First Century." I've been working on a submission for some time, but after a long break from writing, I returned to a confused...
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    { Nightfall: The Warlock }

    NIGHTFALL Ψ The Warlock Ψ As the long night approaches, we witness the rise of a new constellation. "Merciful Mother, protector of the weak, we seek asylum in thine arms..." For the eighth time that night, the opening words of Mater Misericors hummed low and steady on his breath. He had...