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Canon Roleplay Time!


My upcoming canon roleplay should be...?

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Great Old One
Sep 22, 2007
Change of plans, everybody!

When I posted this thread, it was under the impression that I would have much more free time during the summer than ended up being the case. Not only am I busier than I've been in quite some time, but "The Last Queen" seems to be enduring despite the usual section inactivity. In short, I don't have the time to conduct yet another original roleplay.

"Our Wandering Through" will still happen, but later, as I'd rather not micromanage two different roleplays with unusual mechanics. Not with my current schedule, that is.

I still want to post something new, though, even if it lasts only for the summer. My thinking, then, is that an existing canon universe will allow us to throw something enjoyable together in a short amount of time. I have a few very different settings in mind, and I'd love to know which is likeliest to succeed with you all. So ... have at it!

Final Fantasy VI - AU roleplay, original characters acting out the canon plot

This has been a budding side project of mine for a good while, so it's by far the most complete of these listed here. My hope is to expand the game's setting through the contents of the Japan-only FFVI Compendium, to which I have some limited access. It contains details on nations, societies, economies, etc. — things that were established at the time of the game's creation, but which couldn't feasibly be implemented in a Super Nintendo game.

Premise: The War of the Magi pitted human nations against the magical race of Espers, and the world was torn asunder. When the dust cleared, the Espers withdrew into a hidden realm of their own — and as human civilization pieced itself back together, it bade farewell to the magic that had once sustained it. More than a thousand years have passed since then. Now the Gestahlian Empire, under a militant agenda, seeks to recover the dread power known as "magic." Already they have produced deadly Magitech weapons, but their greatest weapon in this campaign is a young woman who possesses some unspoken kinship to the lost Espers. This mystery girl is to be used in a covert raid on the mining town of Narshe, where enemies of the Empire have discovered the remains of an Esper buried in the black northern ice...​

Skullgirls - AU roleplay, featuring canon and original characters

Though I'm not a stranger to fighting games, my experience and my interest in them are limited at best. Lately, however, I've spent an inordinate amount of time playing Skullgirls — for not only does it benefit from fast and tightly-knit gameplay, its setting and characters are so interesting.

"Dark Deco" is a description I've often seen applied to New Meridian and the Canopy Kingdom, and I'd agree with it wholeheartedly. Imagine the Gotham of Batman: the Animated Series, but twice as cartoonish, and three times as dark. The characters, meanwhile, are so strong, lovable, and eminently flawed. I want to write and envision characters worthy of joining them, and I want to let my mind romp in this world!

Premise: This video gets everything spot-on, minus the one important detail that only a woman can wish upon the Skull Heart. The Anti-Skullgirl Labs also deserve a mention.

Bloodborne - Canon roleplay with original and canon characters

(Copied from my previous thread...)

Though it branches into vast and confusing ideas, the lore of Bloodborne has a relatively easy entry point, and it can very easily accommodate stories outside the story of the main game. I'd love to conduct a canon or AU Bloodborne roleplay with all of you; I think that this community could bring some very interesting ideas to this setting. If you enjoy Gothic horror, cosmic Lovecraftian horror, dark fantasy, dream psychology, and expansive worldbuilding (in which you'll partake!), you should be in for a treat. Here's a spoiler-free synopsis of the game for those who haven't played:

Premise: The city of Yharnam and the surrounding country are the source of blood ministration — a broad spectrum of quasi-magical medical cures, all having to do with special forms of blood. Inherent to this blood and this city is a curse. When the Moon draws close, the Hunt begins; an unnaturally long night falls, and those who imbibe in the blood are susceptible to beastly transformations. Hunters set out to cleanse the city streets, cutting down the beasts who menace those who are still human. Some Hunters join the Hunt by choice; some follow the Healing Church; others are chosen by forces unseen. Some hunt prey that is greater than mere beasts. But until the long night is over, they all must hunt their respective quarries, lest Yharnam be lost to the encroaching nightmare.​
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