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  • ah, no, I meant the situation of being warned and then it happened XD I'm not that detached from the world to not know that song >:
    One pc for my brother, one for mom, and one for dad, though those last two are as good as mine XD

    o: that... really is kind of poetic >: hope you manage to salvage it
    That's really sucky >:
    I'm kind of lucky to have 4 functional pcs at home, I guess. saved my pc from a virus a while ago.
    how're you feeling? o:
    Hardly, though I do apologize for the sudden absence. Work day was over and I am now home, you see. :3
    Is my company still welcome?
    And I was the one chosen to provide you with the cure? I'm flattered and honored.
    What shall I perform then? A disappearance act? Knife joggling?
    How about I saw a random member in half?
    Ah, well I'll try and monitor the KH boards as well as everywhere else.
    And I see your point =____=

    But things will improve, in time.
    You do have a point there lol
    Though the KH sections could need you from time to time so don't be afraid to say hi once in a while ^_^

    Yes I will enjoy this position, and you do the same >;3
    You're not late ;D But thank you anyway!
    And I will never do that XD

    I treat you like any other member, and you should do the same!
    Err...it was okay.
    We had family over and I had to take my cousins out trick-or-treating.
    But I got to see my friends afterward, so it was all good.
    Wow I am a bit surprised that you weren't already on my friends list.
    Thanks for the request ^_^
    I actually have that theme as a ring tone.
    The suspense in that film was amazing.

    Films these days, well a majority, don't know how to really bring fear into the viewers anymore. Either that or the new generation doesn't really appreciate horror movies as they used to :\
    Wow never knew that :D

    I find it odd but not surprising, it's been done before.
    Low budget or not it's done well since it garnered its own franchise.

    Also the only movie that managed to scare me was The Thing.
    I was younger but even now I don't watch it at night or alone <_<

    But the Halloween series isn't bad either, one of the few staple horror movies worth watching.
    I suppose, I'm cooling down a bit, still in a rage but suppressing it like always.

    As a parody perhaps, though it's already been done in Scary Movie 4 so I'd count that out for that series anyway. Eh give it a go!
    I'll be fine, and if I were dead Danzik would announce it; by my request.

    Well I saw "SAW V" it was good but I still favor IV over it.
    Needed more of an "umpf!" to it, the story was just as complex however, something I liked xD
    There are a decent amount of things to live for, but most of it is outweighed by suicide.

    Eh I'll get over it eventually, I actually have a chemical imbalance so that accounts to most of it along with the fact I am very passive most of the time. Something I wish I was not.
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