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  • Teehee!

    I love the Grinch.

    The Jim Carrey Grinch more, mind you, but the whole concept makes me smile.
    No prob.

    But yeah, drew32 was soooooooo wrong about that.

    just saw a pic of her, and improvements to the eyes or no, she's still fugly.
    The Holidays are treating me fine, not to mention they've thrown me in a time warp. I could've sworn today was tuesday.

    Thanks for the compliment!

    How're the Holidays for you? When you're not stealing them, that is! :3
    Oh thanks for going through the trouble of finding that for me, and it's at a reasonable price too.
    Yup, and for me there are too many to count xD
    I'm a fruit enthusiast really, willing to try every fruit, at least once.
    Oh don't get me started with fruit x3
    But yes I have heard of it, well this anyway.
    Well considering their reputation it's bound to be good; for 4 hours it will have to be :p
    Well I'm just glad you're well enough to be on KHI :3

    Oh wait one moment, I have heard their music but the bands name always got past me. And with a name like that I am surprised that I couldn't remember them. Nice track, and if they're that good I hope they do well at the concert. Hopes to you having a good time!
    No problem, but even so I'd thought saying something would have been a nice gesture <3
    Oh well that sounds lovely, too bad I haven't heard of them, but I am a sucker for Orchestrated music.
    Oh that was fantasic of a find ^_^ and yes that eased my boredom a bit as well.
    And from the looks of it your Great Grandmother passed? I'm sorry for your loss, Glaurung.
    I'm sorry about your Great-Grandmother. I know it must have been hard for you. I still feel that way about my last Uncle that passed away in 2004. He died on Christmas Day. And what sucked so much was that we were going to see him the next day. We live in California but I live closer to the coast, he lived in the desert. So it is a very long drive. My Grandma screamed when we got the news and I burst into tears. The only up side was that it was Christmas evening so we got to enjoy most of the day. I'm tearing up thinking about it. I need to stop thinking about it. I'm getting sad again. :sad:
    Thanks! I'm trying to take it day by day right now. After this weekend everything should be back to normal though. I'll still miss my Uncle but once my Grandma gets back from the funeral some normalcy will return. :)
    The formula for success ;3
    And I know you have duties outside of the net to take care of.
    I'll chat with you another time friend.

    I've thought of it that way, and you do have a point where primal instincts come into play.
    However I also believe it's the peoples stubbornness to change, (evolutions says different though >.>) which I guess in a sense racists like the KKK for example, is a part of their culture *shrugs* On a comical note the only way I see everyone combining forces is only during an alien invasion, then again even if we win the fight over a more advance race, we'll bicker on more menial topics such as the fight for oil and so on afterward *chuckle*.

    And an amazing quote btw, speaking of Seinfeld I have to go and bump the thread again.
    I can't agree with you more.

    This brings me back to a quote I found while browsing the net, "“Racism is man's gravest threat to man - the maximum of hatred for a minimum of reason.” Which I do agree to, racism stems from the smallest things such as stereotypes and most importantly skin color. I know Martin Luther King and other inspirational people in history tried to show the way to salvation and peace, but the way the mind works and the built in standards prevents us from achieving peace and stability.
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