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  • No problem.
    And yes Julia has aged gracefully, not sure how she does it lol.

    And bad as it was, I have to vouch for him just a tad, he was under pressure and had two options, leave the stage or do something radical, but I never expected that much :\ and same can be said of Cat Stevens. All the slander and ridicule he has gotten over his conversion is unfair. Like you said, with all of today's stereotypes and false accusations by association it's going to be hard for him to be respected as he once was before his conversion.

    America..god I hate living here :\
    Oh no problem, any real life matter is more important then the internet.

    And yes, he pretty much only has a chance as a quick cameo or even a background character considering what happened. Even after the incident I still favor him for what he's done in his previous works.

    And Julia has been doing well with her show, she hasn't aged significantly the most IMO.
    Yup, they've survived the "Seinfeld curse" somewhat, unfortunately after Michael's mishap I doubt he'll ever do stand up again. Even after the public apology, it's not wise or likely for him to try anything <.<

    Oh and I have noticed that, but it's not too much that it's extremely noticeable but it comes with age; you can easily say the same of George during his run from the beginning to mid way through the series, But Jerrie's weight gain is more noticeable :v
    Michael basically looks like a used catchers mitt, lol reference.

    But yes, they degenerated over the years, the only ones who haven't shown sure signs of aging are Julia, Seinfeld and Alexander; Alex has been doing quite well actually, he recently appeared on Criminal Minds which he played the role as a professor of some sort, he was looking good.
    Some shows are just too over hyped :\

    And I think so, only if Seinfeld signed on for more seasons, which I doubt he would without Larry. But otherwise I think it would have lasted into the early to mid 03.
    Many thanks friend ^_^ I'll enjoy it as long as it lasts.

    Ah ok, that's understandable since there are so many in that section >.> damnit it was such a good show, no one understands good comedy when they see it *sigh*
    Haha yes I am doing great ^_^ that being the source of my happiness.
    Actually it's the best I felt in weeks, if you remembered the last time we talked I was in a bit of a slump, but not anymore xD

    Thanks for asking btw.
    you'll have to excuse me for longer XD it's past midnight here, and I'm off to bed :3 hope you feel better~ *falls asleep*
    that's pricy everywhere, yes >:
    but it's fun going. both times I went to see '300' with friends we had the theater to ourselves and screamed like crazy XD
    Wow. Iono, I don't get to watch movies too much. And I certainly don't remember ones I saw as a child too well.
    Most of them were comedies anyway XD
    we can only hope so. Either way, putting the hard drive in another pc is a good idea, just beware booting from it least your windows's activation (in case you use Windows) would go to hell
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