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  • Soup Nazi <3
    Oh and yes that was a good Kramer moment, I'll find more in a bit for you.
    Indeed, that gif deserves a medal, seriously it's just amazing. Someone must have had a lot of time on their hands for it though o,o nice vid XD


    Soup Nazi ftw.
    And of course you won that, I did too.
    Hey I was doing that this weekend actually :D have fun, and Willy is just genius >;3
    Speaking of which..


    Not the best version but I still got a kick out of it.
    That would be quite the surprise to anyone for that matter XD I hope they don't scan what's in those boxes <.< don't get yourself arrested now.

    Oh the one you suggested, the ATM prank, it was hilarious.
    I find it ironic that it's shaped like that; mafia stereotypes :D and it would be perfect for a couch as a throw pillow. I want it so badly right now ;~; Hmm I'm browsing through their youtube page and I must say good stuff.
    Yup, you weren't the only one.

    I haven't but from the sounds of it that sounds quite intriguing. Really Nazgul? :eek: nice I definitely have to check that out when I have the time. Even God father paraphernalia? Even more fantastic and the pillow is at a good price. Funny how the internet opens so many opportunities.
    Yay Kwanzaa :D!

    Acrobatics was always my favorite aspect of the series, the flow of it all seems so natural. Yup same here, and this is the first of the series I actually own. And honestly the WWII games are getting more and more cliche; they need to die altogether. Hopefully I'll get the gold premium XBL card so I can play with friends; ranks :D! And the sword and Gravity Hammer are win, but I suck at using them :p
    Oh, well I'm Christian so it was Christmas for me :D and I'm black so-- :D!

    Glad yours was a quite one and it does some good too. Ah Prince of Persia, great game, but I have yet to buy it; fortunately I just got Halo 3, which is pretty good. But from what I've seen the new Prince of Persia looks more action oriented, and puzzles aren't always a must, as long as it feels good enjoy it. Also slightly easier gameplay is inviting to many, including myself who found the past system a tad..hard?
    it was
    me killing theory
    1.5 pages about how wonderfully SA killed the theory, and then rants about noob theories.
    It ended about a week ago, actually.

    Or epileptic people, apparently XD
    Sounds like an awesome show :( wish I could see it
    Awesome :O
    I heard their "Mad Russian Scientist ---" something. It was cool o,o
    Wow, this page has had 808 visits. I believe this calls for a celebratory self-page-post.
    Oh god. There's a poster for that movie, and it shows him running through a field on a sunny day smiling, with the headline, "YES". On the other side, there's a thunderstorm, and he's tripping over "NO" and looks upset.

    Not really. The bits I've watched are funny, but not enough to get me to watch religiously.
    I liked the part where he was answering his phone.

    "Don't leave a message or I will HUNT YOU DOWN AND CATCH YOU LIKEAFISH!
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