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  • staff figured he was a bot. 41 years old and joining just to get attention on some video he made? probably not someone we want around here anyway. :X
    Ah, I getcha. I'm a massive fan... but seeing as you know about Daniel Bryan I can compliment you by saying you have fantastic taste. ;D
    Sorry... didn't intend for it to be that big. xD
    Hurray, another friend to at to my small list. :p

    I'm gonna take it you're a wrestling fan then?
    Yeah you could say that. You're definitely right. I actually did already lol. Have you heard of Nicholas Cheung or Mark Meronek/Justin Ong?
    Nujabes Tribute 2 - Nicholas Cheung - YouTube

    Some other videos but with rapping lol. I like the beta version of "Greater Purpose" for some reason.
    Marcus D feat Cise Star "Greater Purpose" Rec in Tokyo - YouTube
    Himuki - Hold On - YouTube
    It's such a shame he passed away so early. It's cool to hear that many people have been influenced by him and some have made some pretty cool tributes. I still consider him today one of my biggest influences in my preferences in music as well as my high school years in jazz band. My professor was wondering how in the world did I adapted/created such a style on the flute, mainly the lower/warmer tones, and I mentioned directly I was influenced by Nujabes and other neighboring artists.

    Here's a track that I've always tried to create similarly in the intros of jazz solos.
    Force Of Nature (Nujabes) - Just Forget (One of My Favorites) - YouTube
    Hey .Oji, this might seem like a random question but you happen to listen to Nujabes pretty often? I always love listening to his tracks and other artists that similarly compose like him.
    It would appear that you and I are both members of the Moogle Army! :D

    I am Vice-Admiral SoMog, Head of Special Ops, kupo~
    Like, when you bring it into Photoshop or something. Is the background still transparent there?

    If it still doesn't work, just tell me how you want the image cropped and I'll resize and upload it for you. That way you can just save it and reupload it :)
    Does the background appear transparent when you edit it?

    I know Ethnic Woman had a problem like this yesterday but it was actually because the size was a bit larger than allotted and it was resized automatically.

    Yeah, I made her a Master Spockanort!Mog <3
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