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  • Four pages from Open Office? That's not that bad. I lost 3/4 of a novel I wrote a while back. Haha.
    Wow . . . OpenOffice froze up while I was working on the Asylum Orphanage Preview 3. When I reopened it, it asked me to try and recover my file (so I said yes, obviously). Funny thing is, even though it was successful, it only saved the file container, not any of the actual text. Basically, I just lost four pages in an instant (kinda depressing).

    So, I'll just put up the one shot now, since it could be a while before I get all that back (fortunately, a friend as the hard copy of what I did so far, and I'll just re-type it).
    Greetings anybody who visits my profile! This is mainly for the people who tend to visit the Creative Writing section.

    First of all, I'd like to apologize, again, for my slow updating. I'm currently working on four projects:

    Net Hackers Chapter 12
    Asylum Orphanage Preview 3 (request from my friend at school)
    Belly of the Beast Act 1 (act 1 of a 5 act short story)
    A Bodyguard's Loyalty (one-shot inspired by, but not related to, the anime "Kuroshitsuji")

    Just thought I'd make better use of the visitor messages section. I don't plan to post them until all four are done, so when I do update, expect a big one.
    I don't know if this automatically alerts you or not (but you'll probably view my profile if you see me online anyway, lol).

    Anyway, I know I've been gone for a while. But now I'm back . . . w00t?
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