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    Justice =====:::::===== If he had only held his hand back, If only for a moment, Maybe everything would have turned out okay. But his mind seemed to betray him. Last thing he remembers, Is wondering if there just might be another way. The moon was low in the sky that night. It wasn’t even...
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    Anime/Manga ► ERASED / Boku Dake ga Inai Machi Been a while since I posted anything anime-related here. More importantly, if you watch anything this winter, make it this series right here. Based on the manga that's been nominated for the Manga Taisho...
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    Nyangoro Blazes

    Eh, sure, why not?
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    Anime/Manga ► Blood Blockade Battlefront

    Otherwise known as Kekkai Sensen. I don't know if you guys realize, but this show simply couldn't style any harder.
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    best thing about living in japan

    heated toilet seats that alone makes up for all the shit but serious america needs to step up its game like what the hell
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    Anime/Manga ► Spring 2015 Anime Lineup

    More up-to-date list courtesy of Livechart. So, yeah, I realize I haven't been posting a whole lot lately. Main reason for that is probably the fact that I'm moving to Japan in about two and a half weeks. But hey, that doesn't mean I can't still make a thread that amounts to nothing more than...
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    A Band of Thin Light and Faded Blues

    :::::::::::::::::::: A Band of Thin Light and Faded Blues On small abandoned steps do I rest By ruined remains of lost ages Steps littered with cracks and torn pages The seldom noticed heave of my chest This inheritance binding my wrists A band of thin light and faded blues Inscribed with...
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    Anime/Manga ► Yoru no Yatterman you guys should probably start watching this show now
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    Anime/Manga ► Winter 2015 Anime Lineup

    Livechart Winter 2015 A characteristically thin season this winter. Still, with anticipated sequels like the second season of Stardust Crusaders, and some interesting new titles like Yoru no Yatterman, it could be worse.
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    Anime/Manga ► Japan Anima(tor)'s Exhibit

    In one of the coolest things of the year, today marks the first of some 30-odd animated shorts (by various animators, naturally), to be aired weekly. Best part? It's free. And available at the website below. And said website has both Japanese and English options. And there are English subtitle...
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    Anime/Manga ► Fall 2014 Anime Lineup

    mmm, anime
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    Anime/Manga ► Zankyou no Terror

    For those unaware, this is the second of director Watanabe's series this season (the other being Space Dandy, of course). It's also good. Here's why: 1) It's visually stunning. Like, there isn't a bad frame here. It just doesn't exist. 2) One of Kanno's best scores in a long time. Top-tier...
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    Anime/Manga ► Summer 2014 Anime Lineup

    Neregate v2: Live-Updated Chart: Summer 2014 Anime - Television | LiveChart Every year, more and more shows. 45 shows for summer already. My god. Want to see Sailor Moon, because, you know, Sailor Moon. Also I want...
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    Anime/Manga ► Ping Pong: The Animation (ie sexy china appreciation thread)

    hotter than the entire cast of free combined oh and they also play ping pong on this show occasionally
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    Anime/Manga ► Gainax and Trigger Collaborate on Panty & Stocking Sequel

    Panty & Stocking: Rise of Lord Boxers to be Co-Produced by Gainax and Trigger this Fall - News - Anime News Network get hype