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  • Quite well, actually. Beside the fact that I keep forgetting to get online here once in a while... But you might have figured that from my lack of reply^^ You?
    Starting preperations for a presentation only one day ahead sounds slightly familiar...^^ If it's only 400 words, it shouldn't be that much of a problem, though. I hope it went well?

    Laziness can be fatal for stories! You're really giving up on your novel? Or are you just putting it on hold, waiting until you have inspiration again? Anyway, that story sounds quite interesting as well. It's something I would probably enjoy reading. Are you planning on continuing it now?
    Hehe, I couldn't get online this weekend... I had to finish those stupid reports for English. Today I had to pick up my time-table (which will probably be changed within a few days, because they messed up and it's not correct^^), and tomorrow classes start again. It's fun to see everyone again, but I rather liked not having to do anything^^

    I planned to write at least something during summervacation, but I ended up doing nothing at all. Something about having a lot of free time makes you waste that free time... And somehow I always get ideas to write when I don't have time to write^^
    those tests are a major pain in the ass^^ One half is easy, just grammar and vocabulary. The other half is questions about English literature and a bit of history as well. The history isn't really a problem, but she asks for too many details with the literature questions. It's much more interesting to know about the movements and how they came into being. Or focus on a certain author, their life and their works. I refuse to memorize a list of books and who wrote them, that's useless. Usually I answer quite a few questions correctly, the interesting ones, but because of those useless questions my grade for the litersture part isn't really great^^

    Writing when you're not enjoying it isn't very good^^ Unless it's for school, but then it's hardly ever enjoyable anyway!
    That'll work a lot better. Though 250 - 400 isn't that much. You won't get very interesting pieces with that^^ Sleeping and writing during English class sounds great! I have to pay attention, though, because on the test we get questions about literature as well... I understand it's a part of English, but it's so annoying, especially her tests...

    It doesn't matter how long it takes to finish, as long as the result is good! Right?
    Giving him money for it will probably work even better^^

    With that mindset you'll be a nice teacher^^ A language without bookreports sounds great! XD Did you actually sleep in class? I wouldn't even be able to do that^^ Anyway, that's a lot of words! Sounds like it's going well with your writing.
    The guide was an old guy who has probably been doing the job for a loooooooong time. Most people hardly listen; I wouldn't care very much either, I think^^ It wouldn't surprise me if he had memorized every single word, and told the story in the exact same way every time... That's how it sounded^^

    Seriously, bookreports make me dislike books that I wouldn't have minded otherwise... That can't be what they're supposed to do... Go you! I would love to just refuse to make them. If it were for Dutch, I might get away with it too, but since it's for English... Definitely not good^^ Don't want to anger her! She's very nice, but also quite strict and sometimes old-fashioned, I suppose. Even though she likes me (hehe, if you're good in English or very bad but obviously trying very hard, then she'll like you^^), I wouldn't get away with not having them finished.
    I think that's what I thought it was^^ That's true. For the people there it was probably very important. Rephrasing it: I didn't know there was fighting in that specific place before. Not that I know very much, but I know a little. It could have been a very strategic place for all I know. The fortification was there to guard the bridge, after all, and there aren't that many bridges. I don't think I took any pictures, sorry. There wasn't much to see, to be honest. The most impressive was the history of the place and the view from the top. The guide wasn't very good and in a hurry, though, so both were a bit spoiled^^

    What I'm doing for the weekend? I'll probably be busy procrastinating my schoolwork. It's vacation, why do I have to make homework in the summer anyway?! My English teacher is really stupid sometimes. I like readng, but I hate making bookreports so much!! Same goes for reports about movies, poems and plays. It's so annoying!! I'm a bit frustrated right now. But I think you noticed that already^^
    If it's not what I think it is, what is it?^^ And how do you know what I think anyway?!?^^ WWI, huh? Most people are more interested in WWII... Even though the first was just as horrible. Anyway, I visited such a site. The fortification in Dinant, to be exact. I don't think it was very important historically speaking, but they fought there during WWI. There's still a small monument.
    University, huh? Glad I have three weeks of summervacation left^^ What study do you do? I have only one year of high school left, so I have to decide what I want to do after that soon... And I don't know at all! And the Ardennes was good^^ It's nice to be away sometimes.
    And me sorry for being so late with replying. I guess I have a good excuse, though, I was on vacation. Which is really nice, but I had no internet^^ So that's what I've been up too; visiting the Ardennes, in Belgium. It's really nice there, but they speak French (I don't like that language. I've had it three years at school, and I still don't understand it^^)... Anyway, I'm home again. I really missed my own bed (didn't sleep really good)! ^^

    So how've you been?
    Lol that's all good! I like always forget to go on msn :S Nah haven't moved yet, Gotta wait till the wedding is over, and that's in August so won't be too soon, unfortunetly.. I have been in Brissy alot lately actually, just checking out the area and stuff. Besides that not much. What about you? how did that party end up?
    Hey Namington :p Sorry I never replied-got distracted, umm, i'm good :) How are you? Hey, what the show my lil avatar chick is out of again?
    Lol. And your book sounds good, be sure to send me it when it's done :) Not gunna reply to your PM cause 2 convo's at once is too much effort lol
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