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  • The logical side of me agrees that it's rather pointless to try, but I still feel compelled to, sometimes. And I guess there is some fun to the debate, so it's not all bad.

    My opinion though, on a solution? I say reset rep, reset post counts, reset join date. Make every single member prove their merit for their contributions from today. Realistically, I'm in favor of a rep reset and having rep for every 1,000 disabled. How about you?
    It gets frustrating, sometimes, trying to convince people of something that they continually refuse to hear. Meh, it's really not worth bothering with sometimes, I'm just in one of those moods tonight.
    Thanks for the support, I always appreciate it. And your views aren't normally half bad either, to be perfectly honest.
    Thanks for the rep! I liked my advice lol. I will return-rep you but I've given out too much in the past 24 hours so when I can, I will.
    Finally, someone who understands! I dont even know why someone would make a thread like that. Thanks for the rep, your awesome. Oh, and I sent da friend request. Accept! (=D)
    thank you so much for answering my "friend reguest"...so cool!!!thank you!!!you are very kind!!!!
    She brought it on herself though, to be honest. It was a terribly transparent ploy that should have easily been seen through.

    More of a joke then cruelty, I think.
    The current administration displays most of those most of the time, I think. There are times when they might be needlessly untactful or callous, but it's not that frequent.
    We're not exactly governed though. The mods don't really have as much power as people think that they do.

    And what would you set the qualifications as? A number of votes would lead to bad popular candidates. A required time on the site doesn't mean anything, and neither does post count.
    As it is, I much prefer the current administration.

    There's not really any mod that I have a real issue with.

    A democratic administration would destroy this site.
    There are respectable and popular members, yes. But the other group has a larger number then most people would think.

    If it were a vote where everyone counted equally, most of the good candidates would be swamped.
    Thank you, that's quite an honor, especially coming from you.

    Although, if it were a democracy, we'd end up with people who have gigantic fanclubs, and this site would probably deteriorate quite quickly.
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