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  • Well people react to situations differently since its for life and to add to that she was WITH him when he got it and he being associated with an STD might hurt sales.
    Your gf that you've been with for awhile gives you herpes and you didn't know that she had it so what do you do? Answer quick before an inflammation occurs!!!!
    I sometimes buy games online, but if I want to get the game immediatley (for example if you it were KZ2) then I'll just go to a nearby Gamestop.
    Yeah that or some items on Amazon have that Prime offer, regardless of the item's price, it will be free two-day shipping. But unfortunatley its not for all items though.
    Yes discounts are FTW.

    And free shipping is the next thing to look at.
    Amazon or eBay, but I prefer, Amazon > eBay.

    I have a bank account, but it is for future reference though. So I guess a debit card would probably be the better.

    Hooray for online shopping.
    Hmmm, then again I would probably trust myself more if I put my spending money save in a computer, rather than a wallet where money has been taken many times from. (And some of those times were not even from me.)
    Yeah, multiple games are coming out so money is a bit harder to get for games. So kinda sorting out the good games and also how long it will take to get them.

    A bit of an annoyance really.
    So far majority of the people that I have asked has at least said KZ2, not surprised though.
    Just kinda going around asking questions, what games are you getting in later time?
    Ha, bed. I stay up rather late most days, spending time on the internet seems more worthwhile than sleep much of the time. I'm just naturally a night-owl, I guess. Especially when I'm home alone, like tonight, it gives me a chance to catch up on life and do things that I like doing, on my own schedule.

    As for reforming Discussion, there are a lot of horrible pointless threads that ought to be closed or moved to FI, and quite a few changes that need to be made with the stickies. I don't really have any specifics now, but it certainly needs some work.

    And I'll talk to you some other time, then?
    Back when Discussion was worthwhile, that was my section of choice. Now it's just quirky news stories, and while momentarily amusing, they're rarely worth any actual discussion. Other Media is nearly as bad, Galen has firm control of the music section, and I can't bear to see Literature either devoid of new posts, or filled with limitless Twilight threads. I'd really like to have Discussion under my thumb as well, to clean it up a bit, but I haven't asked anyone yet.
    If there's one argument to support the theory that post count is unimportant, it's Hidden and his posts. He's only got, what, seven hundred something, yet he's widely considered to be one of the most brilliant people on here.

    Such is life though, and when it all comes down to it, I'm only here for the minority of threads, posts, and people, and to hope for much more is only setting myself up for disappointment.
    And no matter how much they try to argue it, it's impossible that every one of those posts really contributed something. The people defending themselves by saying that 'they're talkative' or whatnot are no better, just because you're not trying to spam doesn't mean that you're not spamming. To be perfectly honest, I wouldn't mind being at somewhere around 1,000 posts right now, that's probably close to the number of decent posts I've made here.
    The usergroups are pretty annoying, yes. I remember even when I signed up, and really up until around last summer, having 1,000, let alone 3,000, posts normally showed a decent level of commitment to the forums, and it was pretty easy to recognize those who'd attained them. Now it's really just a milestone for people to shoot for, in the hopes of perceived respect and influence.
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