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    I heard that it was a bit different than the other Final Fantasy games.
    The ending made you cry? It was pretty depressing, Kefka is one of the few villains who actually got what he wanted.

    You sound kind of like me ^^ I do that stuff often (even the cooking)
    I have to be careful when I play sports also, I'm not too clumsy though, just danger prone.
    At least there is swimming for people like us ^^

    A personal record in bone fractures? Do you get injured often?

    Thank you for the friend request, MasterAqua ^_^
    I was forgetting Crisis Core :p I haven't been able to find Dirge of Cerberus, how good is it?
    Same here ^^ But FF6 is also on my list of favorite Final Fantasy games.
    I liked Zack to, it's to bad that he had to die like that. Well, at least he didn't really die...

    Hey, do you have any other hobbies or interests?
    No, no. You don't have to apologize ^_^
    That's an impressive list. Almost rivals mine XD Which Final Fantasy is your favorite?
    I've played FF1, FF3, FF4, FF6, FF7, FF8, FF9, FF10, FF12, FF13, FF Tactics, FF War of the Lions and... a few more that I can't remember XD
    I forgot to mention Sonic also ^^
    I was talking about Final Fantasy. But I don't mind hearing about any other games you play ^^
    Your list is similar to my list so far, you have good taste in videogames :)
    I'll bet my list is bigger :p
    Um... Lets see... I've played Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy (a bunch of them), Prince of Persia, Zone of the Enders, Kirby, Super Smash Bros., Metal Gear Solid, Pokemon (since red and blu also) and a whole lot more.

    We've both played a lot of videogames XD
    :C That sucks.

    I'm fine; finished Aqua's scenario yesterday and am about halfway through Ven's now. :D

    Thankies! :3
    I like how they are different in each game. The ones in Final Fantasy 9 are my favorite ones also XD
    So, you play Final Fantasy also? Which games have you played?

    You guess correctly! Your username is a huge hint ^^
    Oh, thank you. I love moogles to XD They are one of my favorite things about Final Fantasy and KH.
    Yeah, the hotel california song. The last lyrics say "you can check out anytime you want, but you can never leave." It's an inside joke around KHI, nevermind.
    That sucks, well, I hope you get it soon. So..what brings you to "hotel california"? I mean, besides kingdom hearts.
    I assume you like KH, would I be correct in guessing that Aqua is your favorite character, MasterAqua? ^^
    No, don't worry. It's okay; I ask that to everybody. So..you playing BBS yet?
    No problem ^^

    A bit late but...
    Hello, nice to meet ya.
    Yes, really. Just simply press down on the space bar for a few seconds before putting the period at the end of your sentence. Try it, I guarantee it works.
    Having character limit issues I see. No need to fear, I have the solution to your dilemma.
    Before I proceed to greet you with a " hello, how are you? " I must know; why did you send me a friend request?
    Well, I'm no critic, so IDK. I think it's good. My only issue is the lack pictures of keyblades (but that was also a problem with KH2's guide if memory serves me right)
    I haven't heard any complaints myself, but then again I haven't been looking for complaints. xD I like it personally. It's kinda thin in comparison to Days and KH2's strategy guides. But it seems to be about the same size as the guide for KH1. ^_^
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