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  • Yeah but its tempting though ya know! If it gets to the point where I can play pirated games thats money I can spend somewhere else, like on my girl, food, clothes ect. It gets expensive to buy games for 5 consoles (PS3, Wii, PSP, DS Wii virtual console) I dont plan to download it until Geohot wins the law suit (im almost certain he will win)
    Being a life guard pays well but not well enough. Do you work? & do you buy your own games & consoles like I do?
    LOL i stopped playing platformers after I upgraded from Sega Genesis to N64.

    Ill play just about anything that isnt a shooter, The only shooters I play are Transformers war for Cybertron & Metroid Prime series, CoD is fun but im so sick & tired of hearing ppl talk about, thats all my niggas talk about, & the whole time im like "stfu & go play FF or something" lol, but I sappose ill play more cause my brother plans to buy MWF2

    Do you plan to install the hacked hombrew stuff onto your PS3?
    but that is amazing all 12 characters 100 percent! I simply dont use characters who I find annoying or just plain suck!

    I too am a senior in high school. I think ill go to the army but I also plan to attend to the community college across the street from the high school. I'd like to learn Jap. & become a translator.

    I suggest pharmacist, i gotta homeboy who plans to become one & he tells me its half the work/school of a doctor but pays every bit as much as a doctor, what else do you play besides JRPGS's?
    cause the bar dosnt fill up until the enemy is almost dead, & I can rarly get it to fill on bosses just on lil scrub enemies. Limit breaks were only good in VII, they were ok in VIII, but by IX they were just all kinds of fucked up :p

    I didnt play as Zidane in Dissidia but my brother did & he was pretty good at him. I think Zidane was about lvl 70 something before the UMD stopped working properly. I mained Squall (lvl 100) Sephiroth (lvl 80). I plan to Main Kuja, lightning & Laguna ounce duodecim comes out. whos your main characters

    In 2 weeks my brother & I put an extra 100 hours into the game, playing it all the time was alot of stress on the UMD so sometimes when a fight is loading it simply wont load, & i have to quit the game, which makes it really annoying to play arcade & the game stops loading before the 8th fight!
    I was told you have to decrese the enemies health to at least 1/3 before devouring them

    I like 7 and 13
    damn your list is huge ive only beaten VII, & XIII, I only recently started playing IX & I'm trying to beat Ultemecia in VIII but shes HARD! Which is your favorite?

    Ha, my homeboy told me she was in their but I was afraid to go in cause I didnt have any potions or Pheonix down on me XD

    Does she have a blue mage commmand on the menu or is she limit break only like Quistist
    ok cool is Quina the blue mage from the marsh?

    Also what other FF games have you played?
    ok well thanks for the tips, Did you do anything special for grinding with him, or did you just run around in circles on the overworld?
    You wanted to chat sweetheart? Here I am!

    The 3rd black Waltz was clearly defective from the previous battle by that point, which was the only reason Vivi was able to counter its attacks.

    I only recently bought IX off the PSStore & im at the point where we have to make our way through Gizimalokes Grotto. By the time I made it through the 1st room I had used up nearly 20 potions & 10 Pheonix down, If I have to grind to keep Vivi on par with the rest of the party then theirs something wrong!
    Hopefully soon enough. :D I'll be sure to let you know when they're out there. ^_^

    That's good! :D
    Well, I've mostly been writing trailers, but I've finally begun writing chapters (not much though). :D

    I'm sure you'll be able to write more soon! ^_^
    Yeah, there was a horrible shooting in Arizona today.

    I'm writing some fanfic stuff. ^_^
    Well, some pretty tragic stuff has just happened here in America, so I'm a bit worried right now.

    That said, overall I'm fine. ^_^
    Yeah, high school is the school we take before college/university; so technically you are in high school.
    Axel is my fav, at least in kh chain of memories.
    So you are in HS or college? Anyway, I gotta say your English is really good. My first language is Spanish, I tried to learn Italian by myself once. I really liked it, but then with college and my job I had less and less time for it.
    Well, looking at your avatar, sig, and username. I'd say your favorite character is Aqua, right?
    You are? That's awesome. I like the games to be challenging too. I beat terra's and ven's stories on critical mode. I'm playing aqua on critical now. The game is really good so far.
    On a side note: I don't have much going on, today is the end of my break. So i'll have to get back to college next week.
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