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  • I think Epic Mickey will deliver. :D

    I'm hoping that Disney goes back to that sort of style again in the future. <3 Favorite Mickey design, personally.
    lol Well I AM in America. xD

    I'm fine; watching vintage Disney shorts with Walt as Mickey Mouse. Ah, I love them! >< So awesome! <3
    That's good. :)
    Ooh I see and that's cool.
    I can't play it until Christmas time. Have to focus on my studies. :/
    Ooh nice, I think I've heard of that place! Really? It sounds easy for me. XD But I don't know I haven't studied any other languages yet. :C
    I heard Latin was pretty cool though.
    Um, I'm from the USA. Midwest part to be exact.
    Yes....kinda I guess but I'm pretty sure if you RP here, you should ask them about how to go on about it too, they might know more then me! ^^;
    So are you going to be playing Kindgom Hearts: Birth By Sleep? I think it's already out in Europe. :)
    Ooh Italy, that's interesting, what part if you don't mind me asking. That's so cool! I want to learn Itailian too! :)
    Ohhhhh I see, that's cool.
    Well here we write the story first and the ( the OOC here) or that's how I've seen RPs like...that or we have a different thread for it. :p
    Yes, that's good. So what country are you from?
    Oh I see that stinks but I meant: when you had to talk to some other person when roleplaying.
    Did you say something like OOC?
    Oh like you're speaking out of character like you're speaking as you and not the characte that you are roleplaying as.
    Does that help you?
    Ooh awesome! Well that's good....I like to RP too, it's fun!
    Lol any RPer should know this but OOC stands for Out Of Character. XD
    Oh I see. I'm sorry to hear that.
    Oh and uh, just wondering are you RPing and or you really speaking in terms of OOC. XD
    I never watched the show myself, but I've known for a while he voiced Ozai. xD

    No problem! ^_^
    xD Well, you write it quite well! ^_^ I'm American, personally. xD

    Mark Hamill is practically a voice acting god. He's voiced a lot of different characters,including the Hobgoblin from the old 90s Spiderman cartoon, and Ozai from Avatar: The Last Airbender just to name a couple.
    Oooh so you're not from an English-speaking country? ^_^

    Mark Hamill voiced the Joker. He's also Master Eraqus in the English release of Birth By Sleep, as well as being the actor who played Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars trilogy in the 70s and 80s. :D
    8D A FELLOW FAN OF THE ANIMATED SERIES!!!! *glomps like there's no tomorrow*

    Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are both by far my favorite Batman and Joker respectively. :3
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