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  • Unless you count Dissidia,(which is nothing but a cycle of death & rebirth for all of them) Sephiroth only comes back ounce, which is for lilke 10 minutes in Advent Children, he came close to dying in VII & many ppl thought he did but he really fell into the life stream & just chilled within the planet for a couple years.
    Your new avi. is so cute! Is she from any specific anime?

    How the hell do you not like Sephiroth 0_o
    ive no idea what otitis is but sense it has the word tits in it context clues says its a boob disease, so im guessing your tits are falling off?!


    What the hell is otitis?
    ive no idea what otitis is but sense it has the word tits in it context clues says its a boob disease, so im guessing your tits are falling off?!


    What the hell is otitis?
    Well dhe was my step sister from my dads previouse marriage, she was twice my age & lived 100 miles away so I didnt know her very well... I am however concerned for my 11 year old niece who ive had to babysit on more than 1 occasion & she is taking it surprisingly well!

    How are you sick? I hope you feel better.

    Ive thrown up everything ive ate or drank today besides some crackers, I couldnt even keep water down!
    after 8 hours i finally broke down & pored myself some orange drank, & i havnt thrown up yet but im carrying around a trash can for when it happpens XD
    I had no problem with the menu lay out but I agree that the summons, & party leader thing really suck, but I believe that is the futire of FF to only have control of only 1 character.
    Damn shawty thats your own fault, it sounds like your using auto battle. is that right? If you use auto battle then your robbing yourself of the the fun, flashy, & fast combat system that XIII has to offer, how do you expect to have any fun if you let the game play for you? I know its alot to take in but if you try hard (like when you maxed out EVERY character in Dissidia) then its possible to fill the ATB bar with commands before it fills up, even when using haste (If I can do it I know for a fact that you can to) Also making characters more diverse keeps the game from being boring

    Example: Sazh, With Sazh you have the Commando class, Synergist class, Ravager class, & to make things even more fun I added the Medic class, I start battles as a Commando but quickly change to a Synergist to beef the party up, then become a Ravager for improved chaining, then if 1 or 2 of my party members become hurt ill swap over to a Paradigm in which Sazh is a Commando but one of the NPC's is a medic, & if the party is in real bad shape, I can have him become a Medic to. & when the parties status enhancements begin to fade I'm a Synergist again. The key to keeping combat fun is to always have the leader in a different role for each Paradigm & not using auto battle!!!!!
    s1worstbirthdayeverLIGHTNING SAYS "SAY NO TO AUTO-BATTLE!!!!!!!!1"
    Actually, you'll have to try and add me it seems, since I can't get it to work on my end. D: My address is saseboindy@yahoo.com ^_^
    Thank you! you are one of the few ppl on here who agree with me cause the story in XII seemed promising but the battle system was absolutely terrible, I couldnt even finish it! It seems as if everybody here loves XII but all my irl friends hate it!

    How about XIII?
    Heh, well I'm more excited for Agito because they, have 12 characters, might have 4 member parties, no menus(though that might be a bad thing), fastest ATB ever, overworld, & they're is speculation that limit breaks will return.

    Did you like XII?

    I thought you might be interested in the above link which is Shamdeos compilation of everything we know about Versus XIII, so far the battle system sounds alot like XII's which is dissapointing to me because I cant stand ADB.
    Ok well its been stated that Duodecim will get DLC (probably the alternate costumes for cloud & Lightning if not more costumes, arenas & characters)

    Ok well its been fun but i think im ready to go play some more IX TTYL.
    What why not? your really missing out, downloading PS1 classics, PS3 games, internet, DLC, ADHOC party, chatting with friends not to mention that unlike Xbox live online play is free!!!
    Well then I sappose you won't completly see where im coming form until then. So what other consoles do you own?
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