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  • It is a very fun game! Just a random question what was the 83 about in your last messege?
    HELLOOO! I r teh boredz. I posted up a new chapter of my fan-fic(finally, I know).
    Oh if you need any help with KH2FM I have beaten the game on critical, and can give advice.
    Oh right O.O *Starts banging head off table* I'm so stupid, I should have said this at the end of my last post. Basically, all that Sleif did, was make the portal Rena created supercharged. So, as the portal was Rena's first one, it wouldn't have gotten them very far, all Sleif did was make it so, it'll send them incredibly far away from Twilight Town out of the others reach, at least for the time being. So, it can be any world you want ^^ as long as it is extremely far away from Twilight Town.
    Ya how about Twilight Town. I was expecting the rp to be up after Christmas. I will be on tommorrow but not on Christmas. I gots to go now so I'll post tommorrow.
    Sorry if I ruined your plans. Tell me when you've decided. BTW when do you think the collab rp that your working on with DT and Omni going to be up?
    hey, just curious about something... i came up with something back before kh 1 came out, and somehow some of the names i THOUGHT of happened to get used.... can i still post or should i not bother?
    Yeah, but still I appreciate it. I told all of my BR's to give you rep for your troubles.
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