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  • Ya ill take him since Artem will be busy could you send his info over. Also is it alright if I create a fourth character as well as yellow?
    Nice job with the post, I'll get to work in a bit, after I finish that template I've been working on all day.
    lol, yeah I pointed it out too her shortly after she posted it and she sounded really exasperated. :) You'll come to appreciate the suspense, trust me.
    Skitty: It was a typo, I told her about that and she just brushed it off saying that she's good on everything else so the typo should be allowed. *sticks a pin in her head*

    Dream: Honestly Skitty, I'm only human. I should be allowed the occasional typo; you all are allowed them, so why can't I have 'em!

    Skitty: I wasn't saying you can't have a typo now and again, I was just saying what was up with it. As for who that person is? You'll find out in a little while, promise.

    Dream: It's called foreshadowing and building suspense. It's the way I roll Magic, one MF at a time. I thought you knew that by now?
    You're welcome, I figured it would be a good idea for when KKL posts the posts aren't conflicting each other. :D
    Mist had Red while KKL had Green, and I've seen KKL around the site. So you could send Red to Halloween Town instead of Brown.
    I've been working on a template for him all day, he's been crazy and talking all day. As for Yellow? I can't think of any ideas for him, but I should have the template done in a couple of days it seems to be coming together pretty quick.
    It's okay, you were busy, everyone gets busy. I'm doing okay, but I've got a curiosity question. Would it be too late to pull Brown into this chapter?
    Meanie! No kidding, and the one's I'd be working on a post for are the ones off by themselves; I can't do anything for Kit and Rixue just yet.
    Yeah, we know we don't need to post right now but we're still probably going to work on posts anyway. And thank you for the compliment!

    Kit: Oh boy, Skitts slipped into Cloud of Darkness speech pattern...the Royal We.
    Dream: Of course I'm still in, Magic! *whispers* Did you honestly think I could ditch before Masquerade gets to have her best scenes?

    Masquerade: Oh, is that so?

    Dream: Eeek!
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