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  • LOL, told you, wasn't really looking. Okay, so I'll get round to everything (school's over!!!)
    Looks complex, but I think it'll be cleared up on how many dice we have. I didn't see that anywhere, but I probably wasn't looking hard enough. It could work out very well, or it could fall flat on its ass. Who knows?

    I think you'd need your template mods to set the ability/skill cost. Otherwise there might be some pping/godmodding going on.
    Sorry about that. I guess I'm just too caught up in the referencing thing that I made it a gag for myself. Sorry about that. Sometimes I get bored when the story doesn't progress for a while and I make these 'side-plots' to pass the time.
    I knew the only reason you would talk to me is if I did some sort of infraction…

    No, of course not. Besides, Luxord is a Kingdom Hearts character, even though he's already dead at the time of our story.
    He means from the original.

    I think he might've been a character of Gannon's, dunno to be honest.
    No, take your time. Was just worried I'd done something wrong... 'cause Lunar hasn't done anything in battle either.
    Hey Magic, I was just wondering if you were up for a spar in the Battles section? It'd be a free battle, limited at most likely tier 4 or 5, with no restrictions on what characters we could use (canon or original). I just feel like a good battle and I thought you'd be a pretty cool opponent to spar with. You up for it?
    No thanks Magic, I wouldn't be able to keep up with so many people in it, I work best in small(ish) groups. Plus, I stopped reading it about a month ago, so yeah.

    If I can recommend ssomething though:
    1. If you still have people as mods of stuff in the rp, Is trongly suggest you don't. You only need something like one person.
    2. Secondly, have Gale deliver a final blow to Zack, and while the Hybrid is dying have him drive his sword through Gale's back, if you'd be so kind.
    Since you've of course publicly offered up your roleplay for newbie joinage, I highly recommend finding some way to make it as approachable as possible, and minimise things like intimidating walls of texts. Even if it's just talking about important stuff and hiding the rest in spoiler boxes, it's useful.
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