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  • Seems like I'm always a day late whenever my friends reply these days. It's always nice to confirm your still around, even if time limits this. These days it's rare I log in to Skype, but when I do I'll shoot you a message overtime I do log in. I always wish for fortune and karma to both be on your side, I truly believe your one of the best friends i've made these 11 years on KHI.

    Please continue to be humble and inquisitive, and i'll catch up with you soon my friend!
    I haven't seen you on since maybe just before your birthday. A lot has changed in just a few short months here in the states. I actually met another two members from here recently, Alaude Drenxta (Breaking Point) and RikusDawn (really old member).

    It's honestly been a long time since i've heard from you Lumi, I can honestly say I do miss our conversations about writing and speculations + philosophies about the world. I do sincerely wish that you're seeking your own growth and development well beyond here. I still miss you a great deal my friend, take care of yourself.

    Really need more of you in my life, just when I finally get around to frequenting the site, now i'm almost paralyzed with fear that you're gone ):

    We can't have that, i've got a fistful of intimate and friendly words for you and you're easily one of the closest friends (along side Eric, ubi, the posse, and Enchanted Rose) on here. I'm always on Skype girl, even if you're ninja'd, hit me up.
    I think matrimony takes more priority O:
    Your definitely right though.
    Hewwo!! :D

    ok first GOODNESS SAKE ARE YOU OKAY ;____; *showers with hugs and cookies*

    Second, there's literally no rush, so I can hold your spot until then xD Just lemme know when everything's finished and I'll check it out ;w; Also, pleaseplease take your time!! It's just a RP, so there's no rush at all lol.
    THANK YOU <333

    I actually just got the game a month ago or something when it was on sale for $5. SO. WORTH. IT.

    Red is beautiful and the ending was so unexpected. I'll definitely be replaying it in the future.

    *this is late*
    Ooh, sounds interesting. The brain-storming that is, not the Leblanc bit :3

    I'm just getting ready for my dentist appointment! Hopefully today I'll get my braces off!
    TWT XD I had to try THough honestly it takes us forever to get posts up so a chaotic schedule would be actual great for that rp XD just saying
    I see you've actually joined a roleplay I am in currently. Lets build a promising protagonist/antagonist bond I hope o.o
    Well glad to hear I had originally sent you the first completed chapter of Rising Saga but I don't know if ya ever read it. CHapter to will be done soon x3.

    Yep jobs tend to suck out your soul XD especially if ya work for the government TWT
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