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  • I'll briefly introduce a canon-cameo in my time away, besides I know Sal could use a refresher course on using the keyblade for sure.
    ..... *hits lumine upside the head with a book* how dare you make a joke about video games XD. So currentlty playing Pandora Tower, how about you?
    but its silly if you wont use the camera function XP. Glad to hear it. not much at all really lots and lots of video games.
    *twitches at lumines grammar correction* hardy ha ha ARN'T YOU JUST PRECIOUS.

    Its also called someone needs to fix their Skype capabilities missy. So how have you been?
    ToT why do I never get a hello when your ON HM..... also thought you would like to know in about a month I am going to start posting up Rising Saga chapters on this very sight.
    Thanks! XIV is my current obsession so I just had to. And happy belated btw.
    preparing a post for R.E.M. that you should TOTALLY JOIN.

    Thats not advertising >.>
    uh huh Sure you are my friend.

    Castex: Yes yes we all know Aronee, Leon is just a genius badass *grumbles as he walk away*

    XD glad to hear your kickin any update on the computer in preparation for legit skyping or ya still killing me?
    You never responded to my last vm young lady..... (raises a brow) and whats this ooh lala stuff about missy XD I know how your culture works I aint being tied down XD. I have been good yourself?
    Remember that conversation you and I had the other day?
    My god, talk irony xDDD
    You have never sent me anything about your story though hm..... and is that, that i have never read any of your story? Not at the time really I am currently ona tdy deployment for the next week so I havent even touched my story in awhile.... yes yes I know missy you guys will get a update as soon as I am comfortable with a complete version of what i gots thanks XP.... besides currently working on the fight scene between Leon and two dawn breed members which is hard when he only has the ability to negate abilities or cut magic with his sword I thank you.
    :) That's all it really needs. More active role plays (and roleplayers.) that are fun and what not. Like back in the day when the RP section was super active.

    R.E.M. actually looks really interesting. I've been keeping my eye on it. For now though I don't think I'm going to join any because I don't have my own computer/laptop so it'd be hard to stay active and I don't want to hinder any RP's with inactivity. That was a big problem I had last time I RPed. But once I get my own computer or something, I definitely wanna get back into it. It was good practice at writing.
    Well you keep non skyping on me (pokes right back on the shoulder) I am alright and what have you been up to lately any work on your story?
    Sounds like the same ol' Lumine to me. Not that that's a bad things. It's good to see some familiar faces, though. I've been looking through the Roleplaying section and it looks very empty now. There are only a few active roleplays at the moment from what I saw. Are you in any at the moment?
    Stress is the worst, but it sounds like you're doing well now. I've been well. I've really just been focused on school and work. I thought I'd check into KHI the other day. It's kind of different now. After being gone for quite a while, I don't recognize most people's names and see that some of my old friends don't really log on anymore. It's good to see you still live, kicking, and chipper as always though.
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