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  • I have nothing really against it, but FYI you've already been censored, but you really should think about putting up the spoiler tabs, wouldn't want you to be gettin' banned ^_^

    I really think the fact that they became friends in that short amount of time, (which could have been actually an hours worth of fighting) and
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    Luap, this is public spot please edit your post and put a spoiler tab around it. Not everyone has seen BBS and even think of what Roxas may or may not have.

    Also I theorize, that the human heart affects the way a nobody acts or thinks, perhaps becuase they've met before or are connected through some way.
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    I meant more so after Kingdom hearts was in the sky seeing as they had more differences.

    Axel was possibly feeling emotions due to Sora opening him up and Roxas being his nobody and also
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    As far as I know you're probably right. Saix holds the past highest to him while Axel seemed like he moved on. From what I can tell Saix was a first trying to fool himself to believing their friendship was true when it broke up after he saw KH in the sky. (From what numora is giving me a least ;)
    Well Isa does seem to value their friendship, we can confirm that.

    How's that work? (I know you don't like scrpit reading, but please bear it :(
    Oh well, I was watching the CGNet's voice-over of it so I was changing it to how it might be when it's out in english. The translation and the dub seem to always be different, but still similar.
    The bit from Ventus' PV? That would be a yes. (I think that is how it might be written in BBS english)
    That's what I was going for :p

    It sorta looks like a flashback rather than an actual accurance, though at the end Isa and Lea are seen getting thrown out of the castle by Dalin and Aeleus and then seen buying ice cream from Scrooge. So at mid-point t's hard to say.
    I'll never forget that day ... the day we met.

    I was resting near a wall when he picked up my weapon that I've been using for training. He looked over at me and asked casually, "This belong to you?" His friend looked behind him, "Lea, we don't have the time" He reminded him. He tilted his head towards him, "Just give me a sec, Isa" He walked over to me and handed the weapon.

    "Were you playing this toy? Pathetic if you ask me" I looked at his eyes which were bright green and his hair which was a light red sticking straight-up. "I on the other hand have these bad-boys" He said showing off something I wouldn't be able to what they exactly were if you asked me. They black on the siding, a thin silver line on the front, red background, orange fire, and some monster that was the color of his hair.

    "Ta-da! So what'ya think?" I gave my honest opinion, "How is that anywhere better than what I have?" He seemed to a offended, "Hey, don't you know who I am? It's Lea!" He tapped his right index finger on the side of his head as he asked, "Got that memorized? So what's your's?" I looked away, "Ventus"

    He grinned, "Kay' Ventus, how bout' a little one-on-one?" I looked at him suprised. "Huh? Why would I-" He chuckled, "Aww what? All that talk and you're chickening out? No way! I'm too fired up!" I decided to humor him. "Okay fine, but don't cry when I beat you!" As I said before, "Oh so you're not messin' with me? Alright, let's see what you've got!"

    How did that come out, Luap?
    Oh, my mistake. (or our mistake) But seriously it better be Eye-Suh or Eye-Zuh ... then again does Lea mention Isa's name in the cutscene? I'll check.
    Of course we wouldn't know that, until they actually said the name in the game. Also I thought it was; Van-uh-tess :)

    I honestly need to learn the prononceation differences for foriegn names. And whatever those things are called, that hang over a letter to change they way the word is said.
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