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  • I would have a problem with

    1. I don't speak or understand japaneese

    2. Difficult to understand how to set everything up, such as your decks (though I guess I could use my english version to translate)

    3. I'm not old enough to go on ebay which would be where I would get it from. (saying there won't be an english release :(
    Hey Luap, seen the very unclear shot of the Armor Figure for BBS FM? If I not wrong he's wielding ME's Keyblade, am I wrong?
    A very mature answer, my own are quite similar, Keyblades should be used for what we need and what we want, but still used in a responsible way.

    Exactly like Mickey and MX, Darkness and Light make up the worlds, "You can't have one without the other" as quote by the Fairy Godmother.

    You forgot what you think of each, I believe Darkness and Light are both two different sources of power (much like Xemnas' Hypothesis) Light being a much more safe, quanitative power, while Darkness is a much more darngerous and qualitative power.

    Edit: I believe Light and Darkness can both be used for good or bad.
    So Luap what your belief on the Keyblades' use, darkness, and light? Do you think Keyblades shouldn't be used for selfish reasons and that they should only be used to do what's right like, Mickey?

    As for darkness and light what do you see them as, Hatred and Rage like Aqua? And how do you think they should be channeled, MX and Mickey believe in a balance and Eraqus believes Light is the only way.

    So what is your personal opinion?
    Indeed :/

    I plan on showing some of my pics from the art I've done to Sorrow, but I need 3 AAA batteries to do so and I wanted to know if you're interested :)
    No just that part, the rst is there. The reason I'm saying that is nowhere on the internet have I been able to find, the english version of when Xehanort is found by ansem, it's really weird.

    Aww man, that sucks :(
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