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  • Yeah, its been a really long time. I'm good, hot though. It got up to 31 C degrees.

    Unfortunately, I have to go make dinner now. I'm so sorry but we'll talk to tomorrow okay?
    *Blocks swing, jumps back, and charges. Swings sword from the left.*

    (Yeah I was good. I placed third best in our group. The swords were kinda edged, like it probably would've taken off an arm if you swung really hard but not so sharp that you hurt yourself just by feeling the edge.)
    Hehe, and how was the day for yourself yesterday? :D

    That's no good if you work yourself to the point of sickness. It's just giving you a sign that your body is rejecting maths and study and wants you to have a break. Haha.
    Sorry about that. :(

    Well I wish you some more luck for having the highest grades and all. How's the break going for yourself? :D

    You can always delete those previous posts about your location. It'll probably make things easier. :D
    Well I have a friend from the Netherlands. I forgot which part she's from but she's a good friend but I don't talk to her much anymore. Do you live close to any of those cities? Haha.

    I wouldn't say obvious and I just took some liberties into just reading between lines I guess, :D. Yes I know classmates can become more than just friends. You're too smart? That's a bit over the top now or you're just confident in your intelligence? Yes I know actual research is that males don't like their females too smart. :p

    Don't feel stupid because it is a pretty stupid joke anyway.

    I've lived in the same house since and this house is more than 80 years older than I am so that's saying something, haha. I'm currently listening to some Oscar Peterson (Jazz Pianist) on my stereo. I found one of his CD's and I'm sitting here reading and listening to some jazz music. :)
    Well I know of Eindhoven, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Nijmegen, Assen and Amsterdam. So I know a little bit about the provinces in the Netherlands though those are the cities in those provinces.

    You sound like you've never had a boyfriend anyway. That's what school does, makes the boys the friends but something beyond that is a little more strange or even weird. You're right on the friend thing as well. Now don't go abusing the intelligence you have with getting away with fun even though you don't do that all the time. :p

    Let's see:

    What do you call a Dutch vrigin?


    Was the tree green or had some sort of leaves falling from it? What shade of green? Haha. You have fun now and of course talk to you later or seen. :)
    That's pretty cool. So what part of the Netherlands are you from. Yep, Australia as in the country too.

    I didn't mind not having girls in class but always wondered whether it would help with school. Ha, so if they're fun and all I'll have to take a guess you're single? Haha :p

    Well all I have is a rather crude Dutch joke so I'll have to avoid saying it.

    There's nothing wrong with being a slow writer. I used to be a really slow writer as well and usually got bogged down in trying to be descriptive as possible in a single sentence. Most of the time our own writing is a curse anyway. So what do you see outside your window? :D
    I had a feeling you were either Dutch or German after those previous guesses but I'll have to say you're German. Hehe, let me correct that then. It was a good estimate but yes you got it right. :D

    Going to an all boys school was moderately fun and bad at the same time but the closest other high school near my school was an all girls school so it balanced out. There were a lot of idiots and morons who just plagued the school but I made a fair lot of friends so I was fine.

    I take that compliment whole heartedly, hehe. :3

    That's great you have a story now that is useful. The idea sounds good as well. I had an idea for you before and it was along the lines of a dead Caesar haunting Rome or something like that. Though your idea sounds better than something I just pulled out of my backside. Hehe, I'm guessing you enjoy window staring a bit.
    I can take my time with guessing what country you're from. So if one of them I guess before is close, I will say you're either from The Netherlands or Germany? Haha. Not Africa either but in one of those three. You should check the times more carefully again just to make sure you're right in what you're saying. I could be a researcher but then again not yet.

    Well that's great you enjoy your high school. I went to an all boys school where we had to wear a school uniform that made me look like an office monkey.

    I enjoy confusing you and everyone else. Even myself some times if I have to, haha. :D

    That sounds pretty awesome you went to Rome. I take it you took a lot of photos and all from your trip. You can easily write a short story about how you felt you were gladiator in a Roman Coliseum or some sort of silly story like that. :D The best way to get a story without forcing yourself is think smarter, not harder and it will all unfold. :D
    Wow, today is not my day for country guessing. I'll take a guess again and say Finland or Poland or Belgium. Italy just looks unstable from what I saw in their politics as you mentioned and I also have a problem with the French language as well. Nope, not Africa, :3.

    It's a good thing I'm not from America then because I'm on the same holiday period break as well. High school isn't so bad anyway once you graduate. :D

    Once I find out the country I'll know of a few jokes anyway. Now I'm not the only one who seems to be talking in riddles, haha. :3

    Sunday Mornings are probably the best mornings for the weekends. What sort of ideas and what not do you have in mind that you have to write for your school?
    Hm...I'll have to say Italian or French now. Haha. Well you're welcome if I said something nice. And I'm not living in Asia.

    Well it could be either a lot of people have finished school or they have finished university for the semester or even their college. Sure have finished high school now but not that old, haha.

    Maybe I should find some national jokes once I find out where you're from. :D

    And how do you feel this morning? Still sleepy while you're relaxing or about to kick into the study mood?
    I'll take a guess and say you're somewhere in Europe about the British Isles or you're from Canada? Continents is fine and I don't live in Europe.

    The chances are lower but there is still a chance of being on it a game show. You can have a guess about where I'm in school or not but I'll say I'm on holidays at the moment. (I don't mind you asking because I'll just won't answer them properly :D)

    You've never heard that joke before? I got another one then.

    Why did the boy throw his clock out the window?

    Because he wanted to see time fly.

    I currently just woke up so I'm just putting on some music right now. I'm either deciding between some Bloc Party or some Earth, Wind & Fire. Haha. Breaks are always needed especially from some sort of study. It's the best moment for a student anyway from what I've seen, :D.

    I read the PM and I sent another one back. :3
    I don't live in America or Canada so you can try and have a guessing game to where I'm from. :D

    They will get you into a good job one day! Maybe! Yeah I wasn't so sure about what I wanted to do as well after high school so I was in a bit of a rut. I am doing well with myself now and I can't wait till it's over and then I'll be doing some work. History is handy in a weird game show but so can maths or physics.

    Which reminds me of a joke:

    Two neutrons walk into a bar and order a drink. They are about to pay the bartender when he replies "Don't worry, no charge." :p

    I lurk on youtube as well and I usually have some sort of soul jazz or funk music going on. I know who Esmee Denters is. She was famous on youtube for her singing and she got contract to J.T's record company right? Hope the homework isn't going too bad.

    I know it's a bit vague and I just sent you the PM then. What do you think of it?
    As long as you're fed, alive and nourished, then it's win win for yourself.

    Well my school wouldn't let me do any extension or advanced classes because of my apparent grades which sucked because I actually would've went well in them. Nothing wrong with the nerdy classes anyway as they might help you one day in a trivia competition or even some sort of money game show questionnaire. :D

    I wouldn't know what to do if I couldn't have some sort of music or book to read and listen to. If I didn't have those, then I would probably end up going postal, haha. What's on the radio right now? :D

    Well it's a trilogy or series I have planned out about dreams, nightmares and memories. :D

    I'll have to PM you the synopsis in case someone might stumble upon your wall and swipe my idea. Haha.
    With that positive attitude, it seems so simple now. Maths was something I was good at then I realised I was much better at History and Drama so I focused on those two subjects, :D.

    It does sound like it's fun but it can still be mediocre. I would murder myself with the textbook if I had to study for more than 45 minutes on Maths, haha.

    I sure am writing a novel. :D
    I bless you with whatever luck I have then. Just hope it's not a curse so if something awry goes wrong you can blame it on me. :D

    The weekends have been going alright so far. I just managed to catch up on some planning of a novel, reading and some other things. :D
    Well good luck with the maths quiz. :D

    I just felt like saying hello and asking how the day was going. So far we haven't talked until now so I guess there's a first for everything.
    Even though I don't want it to end I do wanna win. *Jumps away from Lecty, checks bleeding hand quickly, and takes defensive stance.*

    (Of course it wasn't a real fight. If any of us got angry or upset the others stepped in and stopped the fight. It was fun and cool, we've had to repair the swords a bit since they got pretty banged up. And I think they're steel.)
    Usually the case when doing something horrible.

    Yeah 320 word pages long.

    Heh, Tales of Darkness was inspired by a random picture I drew. I just drew a picture of a girl standing beside a wolf then I got ideas for a story and after several changes, Tales of Darkness was born.
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