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  • Lol. In middle school, I hated doing book reports.

    No, unfortunately not yet. I've just sent letters but all I've gotten are rejections.

    I find music is my inspiration. Sky Angels was inspired by looking up at the sky and wanting to be free. To fly.
    Which is none right? XD

    I only ever did that once. My 2nd book I didn't finish because I got inspriration for a new book which is now Tales of Darkness and is now on its way to being published. Other than that, usually once I start writing something with a good strong plot I can't stop.
    *Jumpes back but still takes a hit.* I don't want it to end either. *Grabs Lecty's sword and pulls her forward and stabs.*

    (It's not all bad. Just for kicks and giggles some friends of mine and me got some really crappy swords and fought with them. There were a lot of scratches and some scars but it was fun and we knew when to stop.)
    No I mean I told one hey and he said he was going to stab me in the eye with a pencil... latter that day I broke his pencil.. I don't think he knew I did it.

    yeah Willy Wonka Nerds
    lol thats a good idea. give me a sec I'm in like 10 other rps and i have to post in one but I think I'll post in this one first.
    * Blocks swing and jumps to the left then swings.* You gotta do better than that if you wanna beat me.
    I know how scary girls can be, but it's just so fun to make them mad. *Takes stance and waits for Lecty's attack*
    *Stab cuts through side* Not bad, you're pretty good . . . for a girl. *Ducks down and sweep kicks at Lecty's feet then crouches and prepares to stab down on her.*

    Yeah, too bad our fight has to wait till once a week.
    No, I just wanna have some fun. *Jumps back from lock and charges again. Fients to the left then attacks from the right.*

    Well the situation is that my aunt has internet at her house but I'll only be here about once a week or so. My internet access at school was daily so I didn't go to her house so often.
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